Sport style 2020 – the choice of girls who actively spend their day

Sports style is actively used by women of all ages. Things are comfortable, which allows you to not restrict traffic. Sports style is distinguished by elastic and soft fabrics, comfortable low-speed shoes and universal accessories. Today, in the direction of fashion, sport-chic and sport-casual are gaining popularity, which involve a combination of different styles.

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Casual sports – denim items with semi-sports wardrobe items. The combination of jeans or a denim jacket with bloodsuckers, sweatshirts, T-shirts and other elements always looks advantageous and fashionable.

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Initially, it is worth distinguishing the concepts of sportswear and sports style. In the first case, things are assumed that are necessary only for playing sports, and the fashion direction is casual clothing that allows you to feel comfortable and at the same time feminine.

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Sport chic is one of the areas of sports style, which is a combination of two different images. A classic fur coat with a maxi beige shade length in combination with a tracksuit and sneakers is an option for a bold and confident woman who knows how to combine trendy clothes with each other.

In the spring season, jackets with a shortened hem are relevant. Clothing can be made in the base color, but elements of print or design are added, with echoes to the sport. Modern girls combine sports wardrobe items and other things and automatically create the image of a street style that is convenient and attractive.

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Despite the free cut of a sporty style, a woman can create a romantic look. For these purposes, you can choose the colors of gentle and pleasant tones. Trendy socks-sneakers look harmoniously in the suit. They are often combined with cropped jeans, dresses and other romantic things.

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Many girls give so much preference to sports style that they make up images for work. If the company does not have a strict dress code, then such wardrobe items will make you feel comfortable throughout the working day.

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Cropped tops are very popular in sports style. They allow you to support the chest and visually increase it. In addition to attractiveness, such a top sits very comfortably on the body and does not subside with active movement.

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Very often, girls, observing the fashion trend in monochrome, choose a sporty style in suits. It can be a familiar gray and tight-fitting suit that can be put on for a run and at the same time go for a walk with friends.

Thanks to the wide color gamut, every woman will be able to find for herself a thing of sports style. The most popular are still things in basic colors: black and white. The look, consisting only of snow-white things, looks especially chic and, despite the sporty style, a woman will still look elegant and stylish.

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Classics in combination with sportswear and shoes can actually look very elegant and stylish. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it and choose things in calmer tones, without too elaborate details. Such a bow is perfect for working weekdays, for a walk or meeting friends in a cafe.

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Sports style is the choice of girls who actively spend their day. Convenience and elegance are the main principles of style. This allows you to choose a basic wardrobe for women of any age and taste.

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