Sport casual 2020 for women 40-50 years: the most harmonious bows

Sport casual is a fashion trend. It is popular for its comfortable and stylish things. Maybe the wardrobe in this style is not very different in elegance, but it clearly has its own zest. The sport casual style makes the image feminine and at the same time super-fashionable, which is simply necessary for modern women. After 40, this style is especially relevant. In the material we offer to see which bows will look especially harmonious on the ladies at this great age. to wear sweatpants photo 6 casual 2019 for women 40-50 years old photo 6

The casual sports palette is pretty calm. Shades of gray, black, blue, brown and green prevail. Of the brighter and lighter colors – milk, ivory, beige, blue. Khaki-colored items are especially beautiful. Loose-cut wardrobe items in such a color scheme emphasize the figure and soften the image.

Prints are very rare in casual sports style for ladies after 40. If you select a pattern on clothes, then it should not be too bright or eye-catching. It is best to choose the usual strip in the base colors. White trousers and a denim jacket are suitable for such a print, you can finish the look with comfortable simple sneakers.

Beige color after 40 years is very relevant. It allows you to create the image of a sophisticated lady despite the presence of semi-sports things. A loose-fitting jacket with a large collar and the same color, fitting pants or leggings will make you feel young and stylish.

For workdays, you can pick up more elegant wardrobe items in this style. A cloak in beige color of a free cut, and also velvet trousers for a tone lighter are suitable. Upstairs you can choose a comfortable white blouse. Choose comfortable white sneakers from your shoes.

Autumn casual 2019 for women 40-50 years old photo 12

After 40 years, you can be a fashionable and modern woman with the help of trendy sport casual. It allows you to combine not only sports things, but also add more classic options. This style will be relevant for a very long time, as modern women are increasingly choosing clothes that allow them to feel free.

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