"Spin the wheels of the price” to pay 25% less in the pharmacy

“Spin the wheels of the price” to pay 25% less at the pharmacy © depositphotos.com

We do not buy health, but we can purchase funds to enhance immunity. They say that this is almost the same thing. In the fall, robotic pharmacies offer up to 25% off popular products. Add antivirals to your home medicine cabinet, buy vitamins for your baby, take care of baby's hygiene and make other purchases.


Robotic pharmacies offer: "Spin the wheels in the center of the stress"

If you are going on a business trip or trip, pharmacy products are just in case better to pack along with warm things. In autumn, the weather is changeable, but in the robotic pharmacies Pharmacy Kopeyka, Pharmacy Shar @, Pharmacy ANTS, Blagodiya, a stable discount rate. Save up to 25% with the action "Spin the wheels in the center of the stress" *. Buy pharmacy goods for the future in order to seek help in case of deterioration of health or a decrease in immunity.

There are various products in robotic pharmacies. They buy medical products, medicines, hygiene products, dietary supplements and much more. In the stock list you can find products that will serve well, if not today, then tomorrow. Shop while you can save up to 25% of your planned budget. You can ask the pharmacist about the range of goods with discounts.

We remind you that the all-Ukrainian action in robotic pharmacies is a long-awaited event that lasts two months! The discount season started on October 01, 2019 and will last until November 30, 2019 inclusive. If today your day is scheduled in minutes, you can set aside tomorrow, at the weekend, or next week to go shopping.

PharmBot, a unique assistant who searches for packaging on a shelf and gives it to the pharmacist, works in robotic pharmacies. You also pre-order the goods using reference 5900. So a trip to the pharmacy Blagodiya, Pharmacy ANTS, Pharmacy Kopeyka and Pharmacy Shar @ takes less time.

* Information on the price of goods before and after applying the discount, the ratio to the previous sale price, the assortment for which discounts are provided, as well as the percentage of discounts can be found at pharmacy pharmacists. By a discount is meant a reduction in the regular selling price of a promotional item to 25%.

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