So it is accepted: 5 "sovok" habits from which we want to get rid

5 "sovok" habits, from which we want to get rid of ©

Echoes of the Soviet Union still have time to reflect on our children, what can we say about you and me. And if we are already beginning to abandon some strange traditions, then it is a little more difficult to get rid of most things that haunt us in the form of annoying questions from relatives.

Let's talk about 5 traditions, from which all the millennials are ready to refuse. Just not all allow moms and grandmothers.

5 things we want to get rid of

Magnificent wedding

5 "sovok" habits that we want to get rid of 5 "sovok" habits, from which we want to get rid of ©

The myth that every girl wants to celebrate a wedding that exceeds the cost of all the bodies of half of those invited is someone’s brazen fiction. And in general, the magnificent celebration of the day of love and the attempt to please the Korean carrot with a third aunt from the Dnieper is a purely Soviet story. More and more couples prefer a modest painting and tickets to the islands. We are also for the honeymoon!


How many millennials go to church? And besides that only once a year, at Easter? No, well, seriously, many young couples are now arranging for the baptism of their child only as a tick for the grandparents of the baby. Let us tell you a little secret: you can wait a bit and give your child the opportunity to become interested in religion on their own. This will be much more confusing than in a large cross on the neck, which will not become something more than an accessory.

Family feasts

The tradition of collecting the whole family at the same table on the anniversary of Uncle Grisha (your second cousin’s grandfather’s mother’s brother) is becoming obsolete. In large families that live so far apart that they do not see each other more than once every 11 years, it makes no sense to support communication "because we are family." Millennials easier – ask to dial, if you will be in the city. And then don't pick up the phone 🙂


5 "sovok" habits that we want to get rid of 5 "sovok" habits, from which we want to get rid of ©

It doesn’t matter what you are thinking about right now, but for some reason we recall fish with open mouths in a large cupboard. And if you are unlikely to order a sideboard in a new apartment when moving, then the dowry in the form of 12 services that nobody has ever used will still have to be transported.

Package Package

Whoever you are: vegan, millennial, Instagram-fashionista – there is absolutely a package with bags in your house. Fortunately, now you can recycle them, buy a special eco-bag and start saving the planet little by little. But still, you will need a lot of time to break the bag storage and become more environmentally friendly. By self know!

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