Smart casual 2020 for women aged 40-50: ideas for an elegant and comfortable look

A real woman should be in time everywhere, at work, in her personal life, in the family and, of course, to look after with her appearance. Therefore, you have to collect various bows that will be suitable for a particular case. Stylists offer a large selection of stylish outfits, creating each season an ideal outfit for each. One of the latest fashion trends has become the smart casual style. In the material we will show which looks in this fashionable style are suitable for women aged 40-50 for an elegant and at the same time comfortable look.

Smart casual is a variation of Italian style. It includes clothes of classic styles, but subject to a comfortable cut. First of all, this style is chosen by business women who want to emphasize their strict beauty. Smart casual colors are dominated by calmer and more traditional colors. The favorite color of women after 40-50 is still beige, gray and black.

A simple black pantsuit will be a great addition to the image of a woman after 40 years. He will emphasize neat shapes and cover up the flaws of the figure. Under the suit, you can choose the original blouse or white t-shirt. As shoes, you should buy a comfortable option – semi-sports sneakers or more classic – boats.

Pantsuits – the basic set for smart casual style in women 40+. For a comfortable look with a touch of elegance, a free cut suit with wide trousers is suitable. The palette is better to choose natural shades that will only ennoble the image of a woman in Balzac age.

smart casual 2020 photo 14 casual 2020 photo 18

In addition to the classic options, you can choose free knitted sweaters. Both loose styles and more fitted ones will do. As the top, you can choose a jacket or jacket, the classic coat in beige also looks sophisticated. Pants should be present in the wardrobe of every modern woman, regardless of age. Pants of a shortened version with an arrow will approach this image.

smart casual 2020 photo 6 casual 2020 photo 3

A striped print suit in black and white is a win-win smart casual look for women after 40 years. If you are afraid of a fitted option, freely choose a wider style of things. The main highlight of the style are fashionable and elegant accessories. For a trouser suit, you can pick up a small handbag in brown and gold accents.

Smart casual – a style that is suitable for an elegant age. Women after 40 can be much more elegant and at the same time feel free to choose things in smart casual style.

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