Show off your perfect taste! The most trendy colors of shoes 2020

Fashion trends change at lightning speed. To catch them, we suggest you look at our material. In it you will learn about the most trendy colors of shoes that will be relevant throughout 2020. Properly selected shoes will not only indicate your impeccable taste, but will also make you a million times more beautiful.

White and black color

Women of any age are well aware that acquiring shoes of traditional colors, you can create any images. White shade has always been distinguished by elegance and freshness. Even if you collect a sports bow with sneakers of a snow-white color, a woman will still benefit, since she will get the image of a very stylish and modern lady.

Black colors are more popular in fall-winter shoes, but the spring-summer season will be relevant too. Boots, ankle boots, various boots in black harmonize in a business, urban, casual style. And beautiful black sandals will be a great addition to an evening look.

Natural shades

The mood is more trendy than ever. Any colors of beige and brown in shoes can become your favorite wardrobe item. Colors are the most luxurious and practical, and no less versatile. Shoes in a beige shade can be combined with almost any thing. High-heeled shoes in a beige palette and lacquered look look original.

Acid Shades

Soon, spring, and then warm summer, then it is time to acquire bright shoes of acid colors. The color trend became such colors as yellow, green, orange, red in very bright and simply incredibly saturated colors. These shoes are suitable for street and casual style, as well as for a sporty look or for everyday use.

Matt colors

If you like bright colors, but do not want to stand out too, then you should choose shoes in a trendy color, but in a matte finish. Such shoes can be dark green, indigo, burgundy, red and other colors. Try to pick up a thing of the same tone to the palette or pick up stylish accessories.

2020 Fashion Prints

In 2020, fashion designers made a bid not only on the uniform design of shoes, but also on various prints. Today, the following options for the color design of shoes in prints are relevant:

Zebra is the squeak of fashion for the spring-summer 2020 season. The model can be made completely in black and white stripes of different lengths and widths, including heels and soles. These shoes will be a great addition to the business style; Cell – the hit of 2020, which is gaining popularity among modern women. The main colors are black and white, but there are more aggressive colors; Geometric prints – peas, rhombuses, zigzags and other shapes will make the image more extravagant; Animal prints are also in trend, in addition to zebras, snake skin, cheetah, giraffe are also relevant; A floral theme for shoes will make you look very gentle and romantic; Abstraction will also find its own fashionista. Shoes with various lines, spots, dewdrops will be diluted with boring and gray bows.

Fashionable shoes are the key to a full and stylish image. In addition to models, you must pay attention to the palette. In fashion today, not only basic shades, but also superbright and extravagant tones.

And what color do you like most? Would you like to buy shoes in this tone? Share your opinion in the comments!

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