Should Ukrainians get flu shots during a virus epidemic: expert’s answer

Should Ukrainians get flu shots during a virus epidemic: expert’s response © depositphotos

Every 10th adult and every 4th child has the flu. In winter, the chances of a virus increase. Especially now, when in Ukraine the number of diseases with influenza and acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) is growing every day. In Kiev alone, almost 11 thousand people fell ill during the week. And the main danger is the complications that the virus can cause.

Is it possible to talk about the flu epidemic in Ukraine, what are the complications after the disease and what are the methods of treating the flu? I looked for answers to the questions of many Ukrainians "Snіdanok z 1 + 1".

The permanent expert of Snidank z 1 + 1 is Alla Mironenko, doctor of medical sciences, professor of medicine, head of the respiratory and other viral infections department of the Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology, who is confident that Ukraine is in the epidemic period today. Quarantine schools have already been closed in many areas. In particular, in Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Odessa, Cherkasy, Sumy, Lugansk, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions.

2020 influenza epidemic in Ukraine 2020 influenza epidemic in Ukraine © 1 + 1 channel press service

According to the expert, it is possible to diagnose the flu and distinguish it from SARS according to a number of symptoms:

rapid onset of the disease high fever muscle and bone pain weakness headache cough

Alla Mironenko Alla Mironenko Doctor of Medical Sciences Expert opinion Influenza begins with lightning speed. And with respiratory infections caused not by the flu, there may first be a runny nose or sore throat, and the temperature may rise later, but may not rise at all

According to her, the flu can cause severe complications. Since the flu is a virus that primarily affects the respiratory tract, complications from the respiratory system can be expected – this is bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis. It can also cause heart and kidney disease, meningitis and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Most often, complications occur in people who did not go to the doctor on time, or have background diseases and are at risk.

Flu Complications Flu-related complications © 1 + 1 channel press service


Ministry of Health has updated the list of contraindications for vaccinations

One way to protect yourself from the virus is to get vaccinated. But many Ukrainians are interested in the question of whether it makes sense to vaccinate now that virtually the entire country is already in quarantine.

Alla Mironenko Alla Mironenko professor of medicine expert opinion World Health Organization believes that vaccinations can be done at any time. But you need to understand that it takes time for the vaccine to work. This is two weeks for an adult and a month for children. That is, now you can not catch it if you are already in the wave of an epidemic. There’s still a chance to get sick

At the same time, Alla Mironenko explains that Ukrainians should not worry about the quality of vaccines, because all flu vaccines have been thoroughly tested.

Alla Mironenko Alla Mironenko Doctor of Medical Sciences expert opinion Ukraine does not produce its own vaccines. All vaccines are foreign. We have a registration procedure, and before they register the vaccine, it goes through lengthy and thorough examinations. That is, low-quality vaccines are not allowed in Ukraine, and there is no need to be afraid

Also, the audience present at the studio voiced their fears about vaccination on air "Snіdanku z 1 + 1":

Our family does not get the flu shot. They explained to us that you are vaccinated against one virus, and it mutates quickly. And why expose your immune system to such stress? Is it effective?

This is an outdated look. Because the world has a powerful system for monitoring the circulation of viruses. And twice a year, WHO makes recommendations on which strains should be included in vaccines so that they are relevant, not obsolete. Vaccines change annually. There are isolated cases when there is no coincidence, but this was actually rarely answered by Mironenko and added that for Ukrainians the best time to vaccinate is October and November.

Earlier we gave advice on how not to get the flu at work.


It’s important to know: everything about flu without temperature. Flu vaccine: what you need to know?

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