Shoes that should be put off: 6 main antitrends 2020

Fashion sometimes changes with fabulous speed: one thing is in trend today, and tomorrow is completely different.

Those who want to stay on top of the fashion wave should not miss information on what things will not be so relevant in the upcoming season.

Today we will talk about the main antitrends of 2020 regarding shoes.

Ugg boots

Comfortable ugg boots, which have warmed your legs for quite some time, are now on the 2020 antitrend list. If you want to look fashionable this year, you will have to say goodbye to them, replacing them with other options.

antitrend shoes fall-winter 2018-2019

Shoes with spikes

2020 involves natural, including floral motifs. Spikes on shoes are now exclusively suitable for costume parties.

antitrend shoes 2020 photo 4

Choose for yourself models decorated with a floral pattern, geometric print or embroidery.

High Platform Shoes Under the Toe

Glamorous chic of such models absolutely does not fit into the fashion trends of this year. Comfort combined with practicality is the main direction set by designers for 2020.

Antitrend shoes 2020 photo 5

Match classic or retro models to your image in case you are prone to fashion experiments.


Comfortable, light and laid-back classic sneakers also leave us this year. Such sports models have lost their relevance, so you should turn your attention to another shoe that suits your style.

what to wear sneakers photo 18 to wear sneakers photo 13

Wedge Sneakers

The absolute antitrend of 2020 – sports shoes with wedges – is completely out of fashion this season. An excellent replacement for it will be winter or light sneakers on the platform. Such stylish models are perfectly combined with various clothing options, while emphasizing the harmony of your legs.

Antitrend shoes 2020 photo 3

Flat sandals

The spring-summer 2020 season suggests excluding sandals from a flat sole. Such summer shoes now require replacement in the form of models on the platform, heels and special options for wedges.

Antitrend shoes 2020 photo 2

When preparing for a decisive change in your wardrobe following exclusively fashionable trends, do not forget that fashion is often moody, and it is quite possible that models we love so much will return to the catwalks again triumphantly after some time.

But this year, alas, the above-mentioned, once fashionable, shoes will have to be put aside or hidden as far as possible. Write in the comments which of the 2020 antitrends is in your wardrobe.

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