September 2019 lunar staining calendar

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Have you already started planning for September? Meet-trip-manicure. But you still have to make an appointment for staining. publishes the lunar dyeing calendar for September 2019, so that you change your hair color on the right day!

September 2019 lunar staining calendar

September 1 – on this day, you should not decide on coloring or perm. You may not like the result, and your hair may fade. September 2 – on this day you may have a strong desire to change your image, but it is better to refrain from changes. September 3 – on this day, color experiments can please you. September 4 – if you signed up for coloring on this day, then try to choose colors that are close to the natural shade. September 5 – staining done on this day will be unsuccessful. September 6 – if you dye your hair that day, the color will hold well. September 7 – on this day it is better to bypass all the salons. September 8th is the perfect time to try the color that you dreamed of, mask gray hair or make bronzing, shuttle or balayazh. September 9th is the perfect day for change. September 10 – at this time, the hair absorbs coloring pigments well and retains color brightness for a long time. September 11 – refuse staining on this day. September 12 – painting done on this day will not last long. September 13 – on this day you can make light toning. September 14 – hair is too vulnerable now. September 15 – staining on this day is prohibited. September 16 is a great day to dye a fiery red, or amber. September 17 – it is better to refrain from staining. September 18 – on this day, you can update the shade of hair with vegetable dyes. September 19 – refrain from staining. September 20 is a great time for change. September 21 – and this day is suitable for experiments. September 22nd – you may not like the result of staining. September 23 – this day is better to devote to care procedures. September 24 is an unfavorable day. September 25 – refrain from radical changes. September 26 – Today, hair is easier to tolerate all procedures. September 27th is the ideal time to do California highlighting, shuttlecake, screen painting. September 28 – give your hair a break. September 29 is the day on which all experiments will be successful. September 30 is also a very auspicious day.

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