Red dress: 14 models for real lovers of fashion

No matter how diverse the wardrobe of a woman is, practically every woman has a set of basic elements of clothing, without which she simply cannot do.

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These include red dress. Of course, there will be those who find the color red too provocative or arty, and will give such a side to the farthest corner in their closet.

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However, real fashion lovers know for sure that a red dress can be an ideal choice both for going to a celebration, and as a bright everyday dress for work.

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At the moment there is an innumerable variety of different styles and shades of red dress. But for a long time, women formed a list of several of the best options for this outfit.

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Red pencil dress

The first place where every woman wants to look superb is her job. After all, it is important in the team that you have a good impression about you, and the outfit in this matter plays one of the leading roles. So, over the years and the experience of many women has formed the ideal image of a dress for going to work.

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The style of this outfit should be strict and concise, in other words, this pencil dress. The color should not be too bright and appropriate for the working atmosphere. Here dark shades of red will be ideal. Such an image can be complemented with a short jacket of warm brown gamma and classic shoes with a low heel.

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Red dress shirt

The red dress is one of the most suitable outfits for a walk. And your choice here is to stop at a very interesting model – a scarlet dress shirt. Made of flax, wool or cotton, such a dress will perfectly keep the shape and at the same time create comfortable conditions for wearing.

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The main element of the decor of this dress is a shirt collar, which gives the image a special charm. Addition to this item of clothing will be a thin leather strap, a miniature handbag and sandals with heels.

Red silk dress to the floor

Red color can easily turn any girl into a queen. That is why fashionable women very often turn to this color when choosing a dress for a solemn event. By the way, the silk dress in a floor of red color became already a legend of world fashion.

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The minimum amount of decor, open shoulders and long flowing skirt make the image at the same time mysterious, romantic and bold. Choosing such a dress for a hike on a prom or other equally important event, the girl attracts admiring glances from the people around her. By adding to this along with a small clutch and high-heeled shoes, you can make your look simply unforgettable.

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Wedding dress in red

Recently, brides more and more often refuse to opt for white wedding dresses. Progressive and modern women of fashion are looking for something special and extraordinary to make the wedding unforgettable.

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Here to help beauties come red wedding dresses. No matter how unusual it sounds, the effect is worth it. A fluffy or fitted dress on the floor, made of expensive silk or lace, will make the bride a real queen. In the dress of this color combines passion, audacity, nobility and self-confidence.

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As a decor, the presented wardrobe item can be decorated with rhinestones or ribbons of gold and silver colors, but the main principle of decorating a wedding dress is the absence of excesses. It is very important not to turn this special image into a New Year tree costume.

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The red dress is a completely universal thing. Therefore, it is very important to have it in your wardrobe. Wearing a similar outfit, any girl is able to gather around herself millions of enthusiastic views and compliments.

And which image did you like best? Looking forward to your comments!

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