Question-answer: what to do if you do not want to have breakfast?

Question-answer: what to do if you do not want to have breakfast? © depositphotos

On August 29, on the STB channel, the ninth season of the most significant project of the country "Zvazheni ta shaslivi" starts. Presenter – Anita Lutsenko. Trainers – Irakli Makatsaria, Marina Borzhemskaya. Fighting for a happy and healthy life will be loners, many of whom are confident that it is because of excess weight does not add up personal life. Also, they will be helped by a regular nutritionist of the project Svetlana Fus.

"What to do if you don't want to have breakfast" is one of the most common questions. Breakfast must be compulsory, says a nutritionist, and here's why.

When we wake up in the morning, we start to move, the level of glucose in the blood decreases. To replenish its reserves, the body begins to take glucose from the internal organs. At this moment there is fatigue, drowsiness and the idea that only coffee can save. Yes, it works, but not for long, 40 minutes. Coffee on an empty stomach irritates the stomach walls, which can later lead to gastritis. And also increases appetite.


TEST: How would you be breakfast?

At a time when the body feels an attack of hunger, we can be on the road or already at work. Accordingly, there is no time to eat normally. And in the course begin to go tea, coffee, candy and so on. For lunch, most often, time is also not enough. We interrupt the feeling of hunger with sandwiches, cookies. And in the evening, already at home, you can eat to satiety. And it turns out that those who do not eat breakfast in the evening eat more than they need, and by the morning do not want to eat again. It's a vicious circle.

Breakfast is a must for us. It provides our body with nutrients and vitamins that support a normal metabolism.

Optimal breakfast from 7:00 to 9:00 am. A cup of coffee or tea is not considered a normal breakfast. They can be present in the diet only when accompanied by a full meal. You need to eat so that the feeling of satiety is maintained for 3-4 hours. We are all different, so everyone has their own perfect breakfast.

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