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On August 31, the long-awaited event in the world of fashion starts – Ukrainian Fashion Week. It will begin on August 31 and end on September 4. In this regard, "How to get to Ukrainian Fashion Week?" – the most popular question that is most often answered these days by designers, organizers, journalists and, in general, everyone involved in Ukrainian fashion.

Each new season, publishes photo reports with fashionable guests of shows, traditionally famous persons, editors of glossy and digital publications, buyers, beauty bloggers visit the shows, and the reader believes that social events are created only for the elite, in fact, this is not entirely So. Everyone can get to UFW shows. decided to clarify this issue and tell in detail how to get to Ukrainian Fashion Week SS 20.

You can get to the show at the invitation of the designer. Each designer has a quota of invitations to his show. Invitations are presented to clients and friends, so if you have ever bought something from Ukrainian designers, you should remind yourself about yourself on the eve of UFW. You can get to the show by accreditation. It can be received not only by journalists, but also by bloggers – of course, you will need to post the announcement of the event in your blog / magazine and, of course, write reporting materials – otherwise it will be difficult to get to the shows next time. Do not forget that the organizers of UFW are a strong team of professionals, and it’s not difficult for them to distinguish a real blog from a fake with a couple of entries. Advice from the editorial board, you can write directly to the designer, especially the young ones, and tell you why it is so important for you to get on the show, they are interested in covering their shows, so the chance to get a ticket directly from the designer is more real. In order to get to UFW show you can buy a ticket. Some designers sell tickets for their shows, and give money to charity. Win invitations from Our online resource has traditionally been the information sponsor of Ukrainian Fashion Week and we are giving away tickets for Ukrainian Fashion Week. To participate in the drawing of a pair of invitation cards, you need to be subscribed to our Facebook page and follow our publications. Another not quite legal, but quite real way to get to the show is to go to the registration desk before the show about 5 minutes before it starts and ask if there is an extra invitation to the upcoming show. Often, designers leave invitations for their guests at the reception, and invited guests for some reason do not come to the show, and then you can get these invitations.

To get behind the scenes of Ukrainian Fashion Week and get to know the world of fashion with your own eyes, you can use the tips below:

A proven way to get on screen and behind the scenes is to become a volunteer. Every year, the organizing team searches for volunteers who will help in the organization. Sometimes volunteers are also looked for by the designers themselves. This is a great chance to get acquainted with the whole fashion world, into which the Mystetsky Arsenal plunges for the whole week. But that's not all, you have the opportunity to get into the holy of holies backstage life if you are a model, makeup artist or hairdresser. It is important to find out from the organizers who is the official beauty sponsor of the shows and to find out from the respective company if they need volunteers. Of course, you must have the appropriate certificates and examples of your work.

If you are looking for a UFW SS20 show schedule, see when they take place here.

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