Protect yourself from wind and frost! 15 current models of long down jackets

Even warming herself in the cold, a woman wants to be fashionable and look elegant. In these cases, actual images, the basis of which is a winter long down jacket, are called upon to help you.

Its main function is protection against wind and frost. Today there is a wide range of stylish models with excellent thermal insulation properties that compete with winter coats, artificial and natural fur coats.

Long winter down jacket with a hood

The hood is practical and gives the model a luxurious look. It not only protects from the weather, but also is a decorative element made in the same tone, or creating a contrast with the model itself.


Today the trend is options with voluminous options for hoods that beautifully frame the face.

Down Jacket

Such models provide maximum protection from the cold. Asymmetric and optionally changing the width of the product fasteners, stand-up collar create an original silhouette.


Models of long down jackets

This season, a down jacket with a hood trimmed or completely covered with natural or artificial brightly colored fur is very popular.

Cocoon. It has an unusual, wide cut and a very tangible narrowing of the configuration down.

Blanket. Non-standard option, comfortable to use and spectacular, memorable style.

Marshmallow down jacket. A significant amount of stitched air layer with warming fluff inside will make you look like a seductive dessert.

Long fitted down jacket. The classics that outline the outlines of a female figure do not lose their relevance.

Winter jackets 2020 photo 22

Long oversized down jacket. A straight cut and increased width, laconic coloring are typical for this model.


How to combine a long down jacket

With the exception of business style, which involves a more rigorous look, complemented exclusively by a coat and a fur coat, a down jacket goes well with different elements of the wardrobe.


A feminine fitted model in a tandem with a tight-fitting dress is romantic. Options such as a blanket, marshmallow and oversize are combined exclusively with tight-fitting things – turtlenecks, sweaters, skinny, leggings and pencil skirts. The breeches and cropped jeans look stylish with the cocoon style.

long down jackets photo 4

15 stylish looks with a long down jacket

long down jackets photo 5 down jackets photo 3

Everyone loves the long winter down jacket for its practicality and fashionable silhouette. Combining it with many things from your wardrobe, you will get a beautiful and feminine winter look.

Do you have a down jacket in your wardrobe? Write in the comments what details your winter bow is made of.

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