8 foods that most commonly cause allergies © depositphotos.com Food allergies are not uncommon these days. It is important to remember that most allergies are an acquired reaction of the body. Food allergies are not always the same: rashes may appear on the skin, the throat may swell or the […]

Horoscope for November 2019 © tochka.net Horoscope on November 28, 2019: Aries In the morning, there may be difficulties in the operation of the equipment. You should get things done in your current affairs. Your colleagues will help resolve a difficult issue. In the afternoon, you will receive a rejection […]

Running in winter © depositphotos.com Cold, snow and bad weather can often become obstacles to good health and a slim figure. In winter, some are too lazy to get up in the morning, others worry about their well-being, and still others just don’t know how to run in the morning. […]