Ruzsky reservoir got its name from the river Ruza, which is in the mid 60-ies of XX century was blocked by a concrete dam. This resulted in quite an extensive artificial pond up to a length of 33 kilometers and a width of 4 kilometers. Reservoir is located in the […]

The division of cars of “female” and “male” for a long time already not new. The females have their own criteria for selecting any car. Moreover, women’s tastes differ from men’s, as well as priorities in relation to the “stuffing” of the machine. The best-selling car in women is the […]

Colds, which are particularly frequent in autumn and winter, causing a lot of trouble to any person. Headache, cough, runny nose – these symptoms are familiar to everyone, and today women’s site JustLady will talk about how you can improve your condition by making the inhalation at home. Inhalation, as […]

If your dance at the disco reminds incendiary dance of Pinocchio, it is necessary to develop such wonderful qualities as plasticity. After all, to move beautifully, not necessarily born in a family of dancers and to stretch the muscles and movable joints by inheritance from mom and dad. With proper […]

Lithe and graceful ballerina perfection of their shapes by stretching at a ballet bar. At desire it is possible to develop the plasticity, the flexibility to acquire a perfect posture if you perform exercises on body ballet (body-ballet) – choreography with elements of aerobics. To maintain the shape of the […]

Pre-wedding depression is so severe that some couples disagree in recent weeks or even days before the celebration. To the bride and groom didn’t fight and managed to organize a really beautiful and interesting to both the wedding, you need to be prepared for the upcoming challenges and to solve […]