Earrings for spring 2020 © pinterest.com The most unusual trend in accessories for the spring-summer season was earrings of complex shape, which are associated with abstractionism. We do not promise that it will be easy for your ears, but it looks definitely cool. It doesn't matter if you love sophisticated […]

What is the difference between an emergency and an emergency? © Depositphotos The emergency regime throughout Ukraine was introduced by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This decision was made at a government meeting on March 25. The Unified State Civil Protection System has been put into emergency mode, Prime […]

Work clothes to increase productivity Many of us, in connection with quarantine, joined the ranks of freelancers. Someone misses the coffee machine from the office and conversations with co-workers, while someone had to wake up later than usual. In any case, for many, this is a completely new experience, which […]