Asymmetric skirt has always been very popular. She is a peculiar indicator of a woman's sense of style. Every season, fashion designers make changes to styles, materials and colors. It will be absolutely not superfluous to find out which current models of skirts with asymmetry are in trend today. Asymmetric […]

The first date is a very important event, and the outfit for him should be thought out in the most thorough manner. It's no secret that our tastes do not always coincide with fashion trends, but there are still things that can add up to your bad impression. Your image […]

Collection of wedding dresses by Disney Weddings and Allure Bridals © instagram Now a fabulous wedding is definitely real. New Allure Bridals dresses together with Disney Weddings will make your holiday truly romantic and exclusive. Brands announced a collaboration on their Instagrams, opening the curtain of mystery and showing sketches […]

Manicure for short nails on March 8 © What spring manicure will be fashionable in 2020? If you want to look stunning on March 8, you should make sure that your nails look neat, well-groomed and neat. Therefore, March 8 should be taken very seriously, because who does not […]

Horoscope for February 2020 © Daily horoscope February 20, 2020: Aries The first half of the day promotes communication, correspondence, contacts and communications. In general – the day will be quite working – you will face all sorts of professional tasks that will require an immediate solution. Moreover, most […]

If you focus on certain rules, it is quite simple to determine the quality of clothing. Fakes come across sometimes even in good stores, and a high price is by no means a guarantee that a thing is branded. How to choose clothes We will tell you how to get […]