Valentine's Day Manicure © Winter is a busy holiday season. And so, as soon as you managed to recover after the New Year's Olivier, Valentine's Day is coming. It is customary to meet this holiday in red, and its main attribute – hearts – to decorate everything around. Girls […]

Flu Prevention © Since October 2019, the Center for Public Health (COH) announced the start of the epidemiological season. On January 13, 2020, the Public Health Center reported a third death due to influenza. The death of the breed was ensured, the acceleration of influenza was 31-day, there was […]

How not to die from malnutrition in Ukraine: advice of a trainer-nutritionist © Depositphotos A snack is a real salvation in the crazy rhythms of working days. However, many are so addicted to them that they replace the main meals. This, of course, is completely wrong. Others, however, do not […]

All shades of coffee: trend manicure 2020 © Manicure and nail design options for the winter of 2020 is a variety that we lack so much in the cold season. Not everyone wants to try the most unusual nail designs with stickers and logos of famous brands, putting a […]

Velor is back in fashion © During the days, Victoria Beckham brand released the pre-fall 2020 collection. Traditionally for the brand, it included feminine outfits of bright colors, midi length dresses, floral blouses, trouser suits, as well as velvet flared pants. Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2020 © Victoria Beckham […]

December 2020 horoscope © Horoscope for today, January 13, 2020 Aries From the very beginning of the day, it is very likely that someone will make a very important business proposal for you. This is your chance, and do not miss it. In the near future, this moment will […]