Eyebrow lamination at home © pinterest.com Now it is believed that absolutely all of your appearance depends on the appearance of the eyebrows. But not everyone can boast of a good density of hairs, and some even face the problem that they "fall" down. And if you are not so […]

Evgeny Komarovsky © instagram.com/doctor_komarovskiy Coronavirus has been one of the most discussed topics in the world for several months. In some countries, where the number of infected grows exponentially, they began to try the most extreme methods of combating COVID-19. In Ukraine, antibiotics are actively swept away from pharmacy shelves, […]

April 2020 horoscope © tochka.net Horoscope for April 2, 2020: Aries In the morning you need to devote more time to your appearance, hair and makeup. The result of negotiations with new partners and investors depends on your ability to convince. In the afternoon, be sure to consult with the […]

5 questions that annoy women the most © depositphotos.com Recently, qualitative and noticeable changes have begun to occur in the world: feminists have taken the fight against sexism to a new level, many women have begun to earn more than some men. And everything seems to be fine, only here […]