Oversize Jacket: 17 most popular styles

The oversize style is far from new on the catwalks. Since the 80s of the twentieth century, he successfully conquers women's hearts. Nevertheless, his return today in a new version is truly triumphant.

Today we will introduce you to the most popular styles and ideas of stylish images with them today.

Winter oversized jacket

These jackets can be described as ideal for cold weather.

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The most popular of them are inflated, where a heater is used (bird fluff or synthetic winterizer). The fabric of these models contains water-repellent impregnation, which is important in wet weather.

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Another, no less popular option is an oversized warm leather jacket.

Particularly popular with fashionistas who prefer creativity, pilot jackets or jackets, in the winter version lined with fur. The main advantage of oversized leather jackets is that they are practical and do not lose their appearance over the years.

Short oversized jacket

Such a model is a jacket that has a length to the hips. The most practical everyday solution is an option from Bologna in neutral colors (gray, black, beige).


A short oversized jacket in combination with jeans, sweatpants and comfortable shoes is an easy and comfortable option for those who like an active lifestyle.

Oversized denim jacket

Denim jackets are perfect for every day. They are practical and easy to combine with different colors in clothes.

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This oversized jacket fits perfectly into the casual look. The range of jeans models includes:

direct version of laconic design; oversized denim jackets decorated with print or embroidery; warm jackets for the winter season.

What to wear with an oversized jacket

Overseas is very peculiar, therefore, it does not combine with classic things and evening dresses.

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Jackets of this style should be combined only with fitted trousers, jeans, laconic skirts and other convenient things in sports and everyday styles, while taking into account the combination of colors and materials.

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The shoes you choose must match the given style – these are flat boots, ugg boots, medium-heeled boots, moccasins or sneakers.

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17 ideas with what to wear an oversized jacket

Jackets winter 2019 photo 3https://www.instagram.com/skitzyou/Winter oversized 2019 for women 40-50 years old photo 7https://www.instagram.com/tetyamotya/Winter oversized 2019 for women 40-50 years old photo 5https://www.instagram.com/tetyamotya/https://www.pinterest.ru/Jacket oversized photo 7https://www.instagram.com/tetyamotya/Winter jackets 2020 photo 21https://www.instagram.com/yanafisti/

The variety of oversized jackets design allows you to choose the best option for both young girls and middle-aged women. Their main advantage is absolute adaptability to the figure of age and style.

And in your wardrobe there is a jacket of this style? Be sure to describe in the comments your favorite bow in which you use an oversized jacket.

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