“Order salad, skip dessert”: Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City read out the manifesto

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Cynthia Nixon, whom we know from the role of Miranda in the famous series Sex and the City, read out a popular female manifesto about the demands of men on women (and not only).

Cynthia received this honor for a reason. Not only is Nixon a good actress, she is also a politician promoting the rights of other women. Even the image embodied by Cynthia Nixon on the screens (yes, Miranda) is the strongest character about feminism.

Be a lady, they say. Take care of yourself. Be clean. Keep your virginity. Do not talk about sex. Do not flirt. Do not be a whore. Do not sleep with everyone. Do not lose your dignity. Do not have sex with too many men. Men do not like whores. Do not be a prude. Don't be so tense. Have some fun. Smile more. Give pleasure to a man. Be experienced. Be sexy. Be innocent. Be a cool girl. Do not be like other girls. He reads in the manifesto Cynthia Nixon.

The manifest itself has been walking the net for several years. The full text was published on Camilla Renville's blog back in 2017.

The editors of the Girls publication decided to make it an audiovisual bomb. Girls Girls Magazine In the video, you can see Rachel Macadams (The Memory Diary), Rose McGowan, actress Vanessa Hudgens, the most famous eyebrow Sophia Hadzhipanteli, and the rising star of the series "Euphoria" Barbie Ferreira.

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Videos are distributed on social networks. The topic is acute, so now people have divided into two camps: those quoting the manifesto and asking, they say, "who really touches your rights?"

Cynthia’s strong speech in the video was supposed to draw public attention to the fact that pressure on women is still a pressing issue. And the fact that in your personal history there was no such pressure does not mean that everyone was just as lucky. And the fact that other women are just as potentially damaging to women.

We clean the lists of friends on Facebook and remember that when we condemn other women, we ourselves become those who crush. Even if we are women.

Things with feminist slogans that inspire the struggle for women's rights by their example will be a great gift for any woman on March 8th.


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