Not that case! 14 situations when stockings and tights spoil everything

Women's tights and sexy stockings are designed to complement the image and give it the necessary zest. However, there are times when their action is the exact opposite.

Let's look at a few situations where tights and stockings can cause irreparable harm to your image.

Case 1: body tights should be different from real skin color

When choosing flesh-colored tights, try to choose a shade that is most suitable for your skin. If the color is too light or too saturated, the legs will seem unnatural, as if alien in your image.

Case 2: The pantyhose pantyhose model is not compatible with the open toe of the shoe

When choosing shoes with an open toe, make sure to purchase tights without a tight toe. He will be very noticeable. No woman should allow herself to make such a mistake.

Case 3: tights are two sizes larger

To quote Kerry from the famous series: “It is better to have two folds on the face than one on tights.” That says it all!

Case 4: Fantasy tights of bright colors do not fit the image of a business lady

It is not for nothing that a business image is called strict. Strictness must be traced in every detail. And tights in this case are no exception. Choosing models with a pattern, bright and colorful colors, you risk spoiling the image of a business woman once and for all.

Case 5: stockings and tight tights make full legs much thicker

Often women, trying to make their legs slimmer, choose tights and stockings of the wrong structure and color. Which leads to even greater visual completeness. This effect can lead to too dense tights or models with lycra.

Case 6: at the same time two accents in the image – bust

When placing emphasis in the image, do not forget that in everything it is good to know the measure. By choosing two items for this purpose, you will create an imbalance in the image. Responsibly to the selection of colors and accessories.

Case 7: pantyhose make the look heavy and ridiculous

In light outfits, do not resort to tights made of dense material. Some fabrics such as chiffon or tulle generally exclude wearing tights. Skirts and dresses made of these materials are so airy that such a detail will only make your look heavier.

Case 8: Seams stand out through clothes and make the look sloppy

Putting on tights under clothes made of thin fabrics, make sure that the seams do not stand out. It looks ugly and messy.

Case 9: A short dress and stockings are too vulgar

Often, girls, going on a romantic date, try to create the best image. But sometimes such efforts lead to the opposite effect.

Choosing too short a dress and sexy stockings, you get a somewhat vulgar look. As a result, you may have an erroneous opinion about you.

Case 10: tights do not harmonize with other clothes

The color of tights must be in harmony with the overall picture. Too bright colors in the background of pastel colors are a terrible sight. In addition, it is worth remembering that the rule of three colors applies to your tights.

Case 11: colored and white tights visually increase volumes

If you plan to create the illusion of slender legs, do not use tights of white and bright colors for this purpose. They will only strengthen the fullness. Before you go to conquer the world with your beauty, carefully examine yourself in the mirror. Be skeptical about yourself, the only way you can notice the resulting flaws.

Case 12: The knee-high pattern isn’t for everyone.

Fashionable tights with large patterns at the knee level are not for everyone. It all depends on your complexion and full legs. Keep this in mind when creating stylish looks.

Case 13: For the sporty look, stockings are the worst choice.

Avoid stockings combined with sportswear. They are in this case completely inappropriate. Use socks or leggings in combination with a skirt.

Case 14: stockings and flat shoes rarely look good

Stockings are designed to make legs visually slimmer. But shoes with flat soles can deprive you of such an advantage. Stick to pantyhose combinations – low shoes or stockings – high heel shoes.

Do not get into uncomfortable situations, use tights and stockings in your image correctly.

And what do you combine stockings with? Tell us in the comments about your cases of unsuccessful combinations.

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