Not only on Instagram: how to match your image on social networks

Not Only on Instagram: How to Match Your Image on Social Media ©

We often receive compliments for our style, sense of humor, depth of thoughts, face beauty. Only now all these compliments exist only in text format under photos and texts on social networks. Girlfriends play commentary in the spirit of "what a beauty!" under any image of you beautiful against the background of the sea, as if they did not give you collective advice in a chat with 10 girlfriends.

If you dance a lot (for videos), joke a lot (post mechiki), look very good (even without masks from Temnikova) – it's time to confirm the title of the most interesting girl on the planet!

How to match your image on social networks: 5 effective tips

Joke your jokes

Memasics and reposts of all your favorite publics are very cool and witty. But all the same, the exercises in your wit are just as important as the answers to your "funny stories".

Look the same as in photos

You should not be painted every day like Kylie Jenner for the promotional release of a new collection. You just don’t need to use the Facetune miracle program to apply an unusual lipstick or create a fake press. Going to the gym and buying dream lipstick will be much more effective in order to look no less losing in life than in social networks.

Non-toxic: 5 rules for your social networks Not Only on Instagram: How to Match Your Image on Social Media ©

Go offline

If you lead an active life on Instagram, then you should leave the house as often as your subscribers imagine. And yes, sometimes it’s not necessary to update the feed instead of an interesting conversation.

Set limits

You seem so beautiful to many people just because you are portrayed as vibrant and always busy. That is why it is worthwhile to allow yourself as often as possible to miss the opportunity to answer another story about dancing in a club or a new place on Podil.

Smartphones have a cool feature that allows you to set restrictions on the use of some applications. And it is useful!

Be honest with subscribers

Sometimes telling the truth about what you think is the best way to seem real. You can always strengthen your position as the most authoritative and smart girl with a beautiful profile in social networks, if you are not afraid to talk about what excites you. Just please check all the information for truthfulness and be careful so as not to offend anyone.

Let the two images come together!

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