Not again, but again: in China, a man died from an unexplored virus

Hantavirus in China is transmitted from mice © Depositphotos

A new virus has appeared in China. One man died from hantavirus in China. An infected hantavirus died on a bus while traveling to Shandong, where he was driving to work. The remaining passengers of the bus were quarantined. It is not yet known whether any of them are infected.

Hantavirus: symptoms and treatment

Hantavirus is transmitted from mice to humans. A person can become infected as a result of contact with rodents, their urine, saliva or their feces. Also, a person can become infected by aerosol if you inhale particles of dust, which contains particles of saliva or urine of mice.

Symptoms of hantavirus are: fever, chills, muscle pain. There may also be problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The main danger of hantavirus is that it quickly develops to a disease that poses a threat to life.

Typically, symptoms of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome appear 2-4 weeks after exposure to the virus. In rare cases, after a week or 6 weeks.

There is currently no vaccine or treatment for hantavirus.

Should I be wary of the hantavirus epidemic?

According to scientists, the epidemic of hantavirus should not be feared, since it is not transmitted from person to person. At the same time, in Chile and Argentina, local doctors have documented several cases of infection from person to person. People became infected with a type of hantavirus, the Andean virus, in close contact with an infected person.

We add that hantavirus has been little studied.

Earlier, a psychic and an astrologer told when the coronavirus epidemic will stop in Ukraine.


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