No days off and no jeans: the strangest dress code in the world

Free days and jeans: the strangest dress code in the world ©

Dress code is not just a requirement of the company that helps maintain discipline, but also a useful thing for most employees. Well, how to prove to Samsung head office employees that the iPhone 11 is not the best phone to work with?

While more and more people choose to work from home and stop worrying about the dress code in principle, others end up in companies with serious restrictions on their clothes. Believe me, you can be very surprised, because resourceful employers are not limited to just the length of the skirt or the color of the tie.

The strangest dress code in the world

Important: do not show this article to your boss, you can only push him to strange innovations.

Common Dress Code Requirements

Many IT companies have long abandoned strict suits and ties, but managers still want to see gathered and neat employees, so women cannot wear high heels, short skirts and lots of jewelry in American companies, and men should not stop choosing t-shirts jeans and sandals. One such company is the world famous HP. Shorts and bare shoulders are also prohibited in Tesla.

Something more decent: weird dress code

Girls can be forbidden not only to put on a shorter skirt, but also to appear at work in a white shirt (it seems so far by the rules) if it has ruffles, a fringing or any accent elements. You can get it even with buttons of bright colors!

But Google employees should not wear expensive watches to work. Either they are asked not to boast again, or they are worried about the safety of salary data.

In one of the banks in Switzerland, there was a 44-page dress code in which all “not allowed” were spelled out in detail. The strangest point was the restriction on linen of any color except beige. It’s strange why the leadership changed this item only after a wave of indignation, but don’t worry – now the girls can still wear panties of any color, so that the clothes do not shine through

Hello Swiss bank? May I ask you to enter a dress code in the Kiev metro?

Dress code in global companies: very strange things

There are professions that require full compliance with the dress code, so it’s not at all strange that you will not remember a single stewardess with her hair loose. But many companies also vetoed hair accessories like hairpins fashionable this year. Do not dissolve, do not braid pigtails in trendy beauty bars and do not use additional elements. Suitable for many, but the spirit of rebellion makes you indignant!

In some companies, men are asked to let go of their beards, corporate haircuts are introduced in order to save water and shampoos, they force women to wear only maxi skirts and forbid their bare collarbones.

But these are still flowers, because one day you may be asked to change the make and color of the car so that you do not embarrass colleagues. A bit more serious is the ban on bright shoes and lipstick of any color, isn't it?

Not only at work and in restaurants: where else can you be subject to restrictions

Of course, we are used to the rules of restaurants and business centers, but not only there you can be asked not to come back in such clothes. Some airlines set clear restrictions and reserve the right to refuse transportation to anyone who looks untidy or wants to fly barefoot. Your appearance should not confuse other passengers or cause disgust.

We, too, are in favor of disgusting anyone's appearance, but against a strict dress code that restricts attempts at self-expression. In the end, even schoolchildren were already allowed to walk without uniform!

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