Monobrand: manicure by Billy Elish, which we do not recommend repeating. Even the singer herself

Billy Ishl ©

On February 18, the prestigious Brit Awards 2020 music awards took place. Many stars, including MONATIK, arrived at the award, which was a real surprise for all fans of the artist.

At a ceremony in London, not without Billy Elish. The young performer came for the next batch of awards and will bring the figurine home, because Brit Awards 2020 named Ailish “Best Foreign Singer”.

We are already accustomed to the monobrand images of Billy – the girl came to the Oscars 2020 from head to toe dressed in Chanel, and before that, she often chose Louis Vuitton. This time, Billy Eilish surpassed herself and showed a love for another brand.

The singer chose Burberry for a reason, because this is a British brand that for many, many years has been one of the favorites of many celebs.

Billy ailish Billy Ishl ©

Billy ailish Billy Ishl ©

Now about the interesting. Apparently, someone told Billy Eilish that mixing several brand things is not always appropriate and pretty, so the young performer decided to always wear only single-brand looks. And she even made her nails exactly under the outfit. Adore it! Just like we ordered – marigolds stylized as world famous brands, a haircut mallet and shapeless t-shirts. We could not have come up with such a teen idol 10 years ago!

Billy ailish Billy Ishl ©

It smells like a trash trend 2020, which we already managed to tell you about.


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