Minimalism 2020 style: fashionable and spectacular images (+20 photos)

Minimalism is present in various fields: interior, fashion and lifestyle. The image excludes any manifestation of bright and catchy details, this applies not only to wardrobe items, but to makeup, manicure and hairstyles. In clothes mainly monophonic colors are used, mainly: white, beige, gray, black. Properly selected bow – a fashionable and spectacular image.

minimalism autumn 2019 photo

The main features of the style

The minimalist style is a simple, elegant wardrobe designed in austere colors. Do not confuse the concept of minimalism itself, and its varieties in clothing, that is, the wardrobe should not include only the most necessary things. Some consider this style cheap, due to the small number of details and colors, if you choose the right bow, the image will look rich and noble.

The main features of minimalism in clothes are:

The complete exclusion of unnecessary details and pronounced decor; Concise and simple silhouette; Only calmer or neutral colors; Materials with a soft, matte and smooth texture are used; Quality fabric is a top priority; The image should be complete and exclude other styles; Accessories can be added to the bow, but they should be discreet, but expressive. @fashion_jackson

Minimalism style does not accept:

Abundant decor, saturation of shades; In the bow should be present no more than 3 colors; The style does not contain too fanciful or romantic things, it is worth excluding the deep neckline, cuts, shiny fabrics. @oxanakrengel@fashion_jackson@mint_label_@maryorton@ katy.accurso@fashion_jackson

Style as a way of life

Despite the rigor in style, it allows you to emphasize many advantages and create a feminine and spectacular image. The minimalist style is simple and concise. Almost every woman will find in her wardrobe at least one thing that, with the right combination, will create this laconic and universal style.


This style is not suitable for everyone, usually it is used by the following categories of people:

Loving conciseness and clarity of things; Not using bright colors both in clothes and in the interior; For you, the trend is not the most important thing, but you are supported by fashion trends; You are in a business that requires a dress code; You think that beauty should be natural and discreet. @mint_label_

Wardrobe items that will create a look in the style of minimalism:

Thin straps; Skirt of black color of strict cut; Lack of prints and vivid drawings; Classic black dress; Light and simple shoes; Calm tones. @ katy.accursobusiness casual 2020 photo 2 casual 2020 photo 8 that men like photo 1 jacket photo 8 casual 2020 photo 10 casual 2020 photo 4

Minimalism style is sophistication, rigor and at the same time, the effect of the image. Each woman in the selected look of this style can become attractive and fashionable.

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