Lunar haircut calendar for November 2019

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It is better to plan a change of image in advance. Therefore, shares with you the lunar haircut calendar for November 2019 – check it and select the perfect time.

Lunar calendar haircuts for 2019

November 1 is a good time for a haircut. November 2 is a great day to change hair. November 3 – a haircut that day will enhance intuition. November 4 is a neutral period for a haircut, but the best time to do bangs. November 5 – on this day you can have a haircut and take time to leave. November 6 is an unfavorable day. November 7 – a haircut on this day can cause failure. November 8 – refrain from cutting. November 9 is a neutral time for a haircut. And this day is the perfect time to visit the trichologist. November 10 is a neutral day. November 11 – going to the hairdresser can negatively affect your career. November 12 is a neutral day. November 13 – changing the hairstyle on this day will change communication with the opposite sex for the better. November 14th is the perfect day for extreme haircuts. November 15 is the right time for ripped haircuts. November 16 – refrain from going to the salon, this may end badly. November 17 – this day it is undesirable to get a haircut. November 18th is a good time for a haircut. November 19 – cutting is strictly prohibited on this day. November 20 – it is better to do a haircut in the afternoon. November 21 – a haircut on this day will give you superiority over competitors. November 22 is a neutral day. November 23 is a neutral day. November 24 – a haircut on this day will bring problems in the family. November 25 is an unfavorable day for a haircut. November 26th is a good time for voluminous hairstyles. November 27 – a haircut promises a pleasant sensation. November 28 is a great day to change hairstyles. November 29 – a haircut at this time will add health and strength. November 30 – after the haircut that day, the condition of the hair will improve and they will fall out less.

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