Longsleeve: 15 patterns that will help transform your wardrobe

Women's fashion sometimes presents us with unexpected surprises. Often things turn out to be a trend, looking at which, you can’t immediately tell what image they will fit. One of these things is an ordinary T-shirt, now bearing the proud name of a longsleeve. It is about him that will be discussed in our conversation today.

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Longsleeve is a T-shirt with a long sleeve, the prototype of which was once men's underwear. The classic feminine version does not have complex elements: it has no cuffs, no tightening elastic, no additional details in the form of pockets, or fittings. The bottom of this model is simple, like a regular turtleneck.

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Modern longsleeves are diverse and suit many clothing styles, such as casual, informal, oversize, grunge, military style, navy (striped patterns) and eclecticism.

How to wear a white longsleeve

A classic combination of white and black, such as a white long sleeve t-shirt and black jumpsuit, is a prime example of a casual style.

A snow-white model with a bright print, skinny jeans and a denim jacket are an excellent option for a walk.

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How to combine a black longsleeve

Such a model is universal, due to its color it perfectly matches both an informal and a more strict image.

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For example, a set consisting of a black longsleeve (without bright decor) and a white skirt, complemented by high-heeled shoes, will fit perfectly into office everyday life.

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Sports Longsleeve

Those who prefer a sporty style need to have this irreplaceable thing in their wardrobe.

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Sports models are basically of the same tone, without prints and are divided into two categories: amateur and for professional sports.

The amateur long-sleeves are loose-cut and made of cotton fabric, while professional models are made of special, breathable synthetic materials with inserts to enhance heat transfer and ventilation.

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Longsleeve – the basic element of a sports uniform, complete with hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Types of long sleeve sleeves

The name itself, translated from English, means “long sleeve”, however, 3/4 options are increasingly preferred today. Such a sleeve can be seen in models for the office and summer, stylish options.

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Fashionable long sleeves have all kinds of sleeves, both standard length and double, elongated, with cuffs, ties and ribbons.

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Long sleeve trouser

An excellent set can be made up of a free, plain or unobtrusive print, longsleeve with narrow gray or dark blue trousers.

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As a variant of the working image – a model in the longitudinal strip and classic pants in dark shades.

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Longsleeve in combination with a jacket

You can look at ease in the office by putting on a pencil skirt or simple trousers, tucking a long sleeve t-shirt into them, and throwing a jacket on top.


A dark elongated jacket with straight strict trousers and a plain long sleeve t-shirt are a stylish unisex set.


If your wardrobe is still not a single longsliva, be sure to get a couple. You will be surprised how your wardrobe will be transformed and how much the possibilities of creating stylish bows will expand. Just a few T-shirts with long sleeves can permanently change your attitude towards them.

Such a thing is convenient, practical and versatile – it is a simple and elegant wardrobe item for everyday and business life. Creating fashionable images has never been so entertaining and unusual. The simpler the thing, the more unexpected the result.

And how do you feel about such a wardrobe detail as a longsleeve? Be sure to write your opinion in the comments.

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