Like in the movies: 5 bad habits of good characters

Like in the movies: 5 bad habits of good characters © frame from the movie

Cinema and TV series inspire, excite the mind, make you decide on bold and unusual actions. We often sympathize with the main characters of our favorite film histories, and even try to follow or imitate them.

Do you remember how Rachel's hairstyle from “Friends” became a hit in all hairdressing centers of the city? Is this not an indication that favorite characters leave a mark on the lives of real people?

We decided to recall the 5 bad habits of our favorite characters, to show you that there are no perfect people. Even if they are fictional.

5 bad habits of good characters

Carrie bradshaw and expensive shoes

Carrie Bradshaw captivated the hearts of many girls. She was free, sincere, successful, courageous and very romantic. We looked at her cozy apartment with a large dressing room and dreamed of the same cheerful friends, the same stylish and unpredictable life and shoes from Manolo Blahnik. Preferably a ton of pairs of shoes from this designer.

But consumerism is not the best distinguishing feature of Carrie. On the contrary, her love for stylish boats contradicts the principles of conscious consumption, which is able to save our planet. Do not do as Carrie, even if the shoes are very beautiful.

Bridget jones and alcohol

But the next heroine literally loves to drink grief. And joy too. In general, just love alcohol.

Despite the fact that Bridget indicated in her diary the amount drunk per day and per week, trying to reduce this figure, she could not be seen in the film without a glass.

If you do not know how to say goodbye to a hangover as professionally as the heroines in the movie and you know that after stormy parties it is very bad – you should give up alcohol. At least 5 days out of 7.

Holly Golightly and cigarettes

The sweetest Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany taught us to collect hair, flirt and not become attached. And how she wore black!

Still, there was something bad in her that should be avoided – for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Holly preferred a cigarette. Despite the fact that the heroine, perhaps the sweetest smoker in the entire history of cinema, is a pernicious habit that has no place in the lives of those who are concerned about health.

El Woods and the belief that relationships can be saved

Never hurt women's pride and you will be happy. That is what El Woods shows us in the film "Legally Blonde." No one has the right to doubt the mental abilities of the offended girl. El passes the most difficult exams and goes to law to return the ex-boyfriend. Not just to show him what she is capable of, but precisely to return.

Anyway, trying to breathe new life into past relationships is not always a good idea. Do not be like Woods, do not prove to others, prove yourself.

Rachel Green and the lack of career ambitions

For several decades, Rachel became the favorite character of many girls from around the world. She has a great sense of humor, charisma and kindness. The only thing that disappoints us is the youngest of the "Friends" – the lack of career ambitions.

It’s good that not all 10 seasons the girl works as a waitress, but the coffee cups tightened her over a long period, and we don’t want such a fate for ourselves. Rather, send the perfect resume to the dream company and do not be afraid to develop.

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