Lactose-free milk: benefits and harms

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Lactose-free milk has entered the life of a modern person so much that it can be found not only on shelves in a supermarket, but also in coffee houses. Moreover, special establishments are opened in which exclusively lactose-free milk is added to drinks. decided to find out whether it is so good to drink milk without lactose, what its benefits are and what risks this product can carry for the body.

First, let's understand what lactose-free milk is. This is our usual milk, in which lactose is artificially divided into other elements. Such milk is usually recommended for people with lactose intolerance, since the nutrients and nutrients in it retain their properties.

Lactose is a complex sugar that contains dairy products. It so happened that the organisms of some people do not have an enzyme that can process lactose. There are also cases when this enzyme is in the human body, but it is not enough. Due to the lack of this enzyme, a person after consuming milk may experience diarrhea, bloating and digestive disorders. And all this is still a pleasure, agree.

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Who can drink lactose-free milk?

In fact, everyone can drink this product. No matter how much enzyme is produced in your body, everyone can drink lactose-free milk. If you have complete lactose intolerance, then ordinary milk should be completely excluded from the diet, and if partial, then simply replace the milk with lactose-free. You can also eat cheeses, cottage cheese, yoghurts and drink kefir in moderation.

The benefits of lactose-free milk

Lactose-free milk will be most useful for children with lactose intolerance. For a growing organism, milk and dairy products are simply necessary, and lactose, broken down into elements, will not bring problems. By the way, the harm of such milk has not yet been scientifically proven, so for now we can assume that it does not exist.

Moreover, lactose-free milk contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Among them:

phosphorus, which is simply necessary for strengthening bones; potassium, which ensures the full functioning of the heart; protein needed to restore muscle tissue; calcium, which normalizes blood coagulation and improves the health of nails, teeth, bones and hair; vitamin D; Vitamin A, which is necessary for vision and normal functioning of the immune system; B vitamins, which normalize metabolic processes, the full functioning of the nervous and hematopoietic system.

As a result, lactose-free milk only benefits your body. But there are certain limitations. So, lactose-free milk can not be drunk beyond measure. Young people can drink three glasses a day, middle-aged people – two glasses, but the elderly should drink only one glass a day.

Where can I drink coffee with lactose-free milk?

In Kiev, you can drink coffee with vegetable milk in many coffee houses, it seems that soon such coffee will appear even in vending machines. We decided to tell you about must visit places for lovers of lactose-free coffee. There are only five establishments in our TOP, but we know that there are significantly more of them in the capital, so if you know special places, then turn up passwords with us!

The Journalist Coffee Shop

This cozy place is located on Khreshchatyk, 27. The institution is quite new, but already loved by young people. Here for coffee on vegetable milk you will need to pay 15 UAH.

Coffee Shop

In this coffee shop on Lipki (16 Kropyvnytskyi), you can order both traditional and alternative coffee. A drink with milk costs here from 45 UAH, and for coffee with vegetable milk you will need to pay another 25 UAH. By the way, vegetable milk here is a mix of almond, nut and date.

Coffee Shop Cuba Coffee

The institutions of this network are located in the center of Kiev. Here you can drink a classic, alternative or signature coffee. Prices for coffee with milk – from 40 UAH.

Coffee Shop Almond Coffee Room

Not far from Victory Square, on Gogolevskaya street 1-3, there is a quiet place where you can drink coffee with vegetable milk. For such a drink will have to pay 30 hryvnia.

Coffee shop Coffee kiosk

In one of the most colorful places on the left bank, on Rusanovka, you can also drink lactose-free coffee. Also here you can find a match latte. You can find this coffee house at 12 Rusanovsky Boulevard.

Earlier we told you about how to speed up the metabolism. From the link you can find out what will help you break up your metabolism and what your habits kill it. You may be surprised to learn that rejecting dairy products negatively affects your metabolism and slows it down.


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