Lace blouse: 11 most beautiful and feminine examples

Lace blouses are the most beautiful and feminine things in the wardrobe. Thanks to the incredible weaving, every thing with lace makes a woman much more attractive. In our material, we will reveal some of the main secrets of how to combine things and look even more delicate and elegant.

Fashion trends

Today, a blouse with lace is very popular. Fashion for such a thing will never go away. Thanks to the skillful hands of designers, every season we are offered new options for styles and models of this wardrobe item.

Current styles of blouses with lace:

A shirt for men's cut together with lace material looks pretty interesting. This style option is suitable for women who are afraid to look too pretentious because of lace details; A classic blouse with lace inserts looks coquettish and at the same time very simple. The model can be worn for work or for a more entertaining event, depending on the color of the blouse; Many women liked the blouse with lace in the back. The style can be used to go to a restaurant or club; Openwork inserts have a slight flaw – they highlight the flaws of the figure. To avoid this situation, you can choose lace with a denser composition; For work and study, ladies choose a blouse with a lace collar. By the way, some needlewomen themselves create stylish masterpieces. For the dress code, a combined type of material is suitable; A lace T-shirt is an image of a modern, tender and romantic woman. Such a thing can be worn almost anywhere; Carmen is one of the newest items among lace things. She opens her shoulders and neck, thus the image will be very bright, but suitable only for special occasions; Cropped top with lace is suitable for young girls with the goal of spending an active and fun evening. The bow will attract attention and make everyone at least once, but look at such a beautiful lady.

Lace Blouse Combination Rules

Not one romantic image will not be complete without lace trim things. The image will be an adornment only if you know several basic rules for combining a blouse with lace and other things:

The deep neckline and lace are not compatible in principle, unless, of course, you want to get the image of a vulgar lady. The same section includes skirts or dresses with mini size. Best of all, openwork items look with laconic and simple wardrobe items;

No need to overdo it and choose blouses with a lot of lace, and also add the same bottom to it. Let it be an ordinary blouse with small inserts of openwork drawings. So you can achieve a calm, but at the same time elegant image; If you choose a blouse in which lace does not hide underwear, you need to know the main rule. The bra should be perfectly matched in color and have the correct shape, to a specific figure. Otherwise, the image of a too windy woman is provided to you; The simpler the better. When combining a blouse with lace, do not forget about jewelry and accessories, but they should be restrained and not cause too much attention.

A blouse with lace is suitable for everyone. For a romantic image, women always choose fishnet things that open up some parts of the body a little, but at the same time leave room for imagination. The main rule of the combination of lace things is better less than more. No need to rebuild with an abundance of delicate details, otherwise the image of a simpleton will be assigned to you.

Do you have a lace blouse? Tell us in the comments what color and style it is, as well as what you combine it with.

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