Jeans and white T-shirt: 11 fashionable and extraordinary images

In the wardrobe of every woman there will definitely be some basic image that is a lifesaver when there is absolutely no time to pick out an outfit for yourself. And this image is suitable, most often, for almost any event.

Jeans and white T-shirt photo 6

In the modern world, the union of jeans and a white T-shirt is such an image for many fashionistas. Having added a bright accent to this basis, you can create several fashionable and unusual images.

Jeans and white T-shirt photo 7

Jeans and white T-shirt in a casual look.

As a universal casual outfit, most women prefer to wear skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, sneakers and an elongated cardigan. By adding a handbag on a long strap to the side, we get a complete, practical and very stylish look.

Jeans and white T-shirt photo and white T-shirt photo 1 and white T-shirt photo 3 and white T-shirt photo 4

Jeans and white T-shirt in a business image

Jeans and a white T-shirt are a great option for going to work. It is best to wear tight black jeans. They will make the image more classic and concise. By adding black pumps to the dress, any woman of fashion will undoubtedly make a good impression on her colleagues.

Jeans and white T-shirt photo 11

Jeans and white t-shirt in a romantic image

In jeans and a white T-shirt, you can safely go on a date. However, it is worth noting that for such a case it is better to choose skinny jeans of light blue shades and a fitting soft-fabric T-shirt. As an accent, it is worth adding a solid-colored, long-colored jacket and stiletto sandals to the dress.

Jeans and White T-shirt photo 9 and white T-shirt photo 5

Image with casual t-shirt and jeans

Street fashion is always in trend. This style is literally created for fashionable women who are going for a walk or a party. Boyfriend jeans with scuffs, a white T-shirt and a checkered shirt over the top will give an image of rebellion and originality. Complementing the outfit with comfortable sneakers, we get a practical and trendy casual style.

Jeans and White T-shirt photo 10

Absolutely every woman is simply obliged to have jeans and a white T-shirt in her wardrobe, because with their help she can always remain bright and stylish, each time appearing in public in a new image.

Jeans and white T-shirt photo 2

And which image did you like best? Looking forward to your comments!

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