Jeans and sweater: 30 incredibly stylish looks of 2020

Winter has just begun and there are still a lot of cold days ahead of us. But how to dress in such weather so that it is not only warm and comfortable, but also gives the image itself with style and fashion?

In this case, the most ideal option is to turn on a combination of jeans and sweaters in a bow. Bloggers on the Web demonstrate inimitable images with this, at first glance, a simple set.

Jeans and a sweater 2020 photo 15

So if you also want to get the admiring glances of your surroundings, you certainly will not be amiss to learn about some stylish rules for combining sweaters and jeans. and a sweater 2020 photo 14

Designers with all the confidence declared that in the new year, every woman should acquire jeans with high waist and a shortened short leg. In this case, the jeans model is absolutely not important.

You can get a stylish look if you wear skinny jeans or straight classic models with a sweater. They perfectly emphasize the dignity of your figure. But stylists advise choosing a sweater in the style of oversize. This wardrobe item, as if shot from a man’s shoulder, will be at the peak of its popularity this year. In addition, a voluminous sweater is perfect for both slender girls and puffy ladies.

Jeans and sweater: 30 incredibly stylish looks

Jeans and a sweater 2020 photo 11 and a sweater 2020 photo 13 and a sweater 2020 photo 12 and a sweater 2020 photo 10 sweater photo 23 wardrobe 40-50 years old photo 9 sweater photo 18 sweater photo 14 sweater photo 10 sweater photo 12 to wear with a sweater in autumn 2019 photo 22 2020 photo 11 to wear with a sweater in autumn 2019 photo 26 sweater photo 14

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