January 14 – what day is it today: Ukrainians celebrate three holidays at once

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Today, January 14, Ukrainians celebrate three holidays at once.

January 14 is the celebration of the Circumcision of the Lord. According to church sources, on the eighth day after the birth of Jesus, according to Jewish tradition, the rite of circumcision of Christ took place. After the ceremony, the child was given the name Jesus. He was predicted by the archangel Gabriel on the day of the transmission of the good news to the Virgin Mary.

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The second holiday is celebrated in honor of Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea of ​​Cappadocia in Asia Minor, reports UNN. According to church sources, Basil the Great was an ascetic, theologian, scholar, author of the code of monastic life. He belongs to the saying: "How much you take away from the body, you add so much soul strength." And Vasily the Great was considered the patron saint of agriculture, so on January 14, the main ceremonial action was the sowing of houses with grain.

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And the most popular holiday, celebrated on January 14, is the first day of the New Year in the old style. Old New Year appeared in Ukraine in 1918. This happened after the transition from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian, although all of Europe lived on it for several centuries.


Folk omens for the Old New Year

Signs for January 14:

A person who was born on the Circumcision of the Lord will live a prosperous life. A wish made on the night of January 13-14 will be fulfilled. Wearing a new thing on January 14th will be a good year. The bright sun on this day portends a rich harvest of fruits and berries. Trees in hoarfrost – a sign of a good harvest of grain crops.

Recall that earlier we offered a festive menu of traditional dishes for the Old New Year.


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