Intelligent cleaning: how to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner

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A robot vacuum cleaner is no longer a hero of science fiction stories, but a small and irreplaceable assistant who quietly and silently makes your home cleaner and more comfortable. Yes, and now you can buy a robot vacuum cleaner cheaper than outfits with UFW.

If the issue is not the price, then what is the best way to choose a gadget for cleaning and what criteria should I pay attention to? shares with you a checklist of the choice of a robot vacuum cleaner.


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The first thing you should decide when going on the path of choice is the main characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaner, which will make it an ideal companion in cleaning, and not just a fashionable gadget. We will tell you everything you need to know before you open the website of an electronics store and put the product in the basket

Types of cleaning

There are three main types of cleaning robots: a vacuum cleaner, a floor polisher, and a wet vacuum cleaner.

The first type is the most popular. Such models are capable of collecting dust and small debris. Most of these vacuums are equipped with rotating cylindrical roller brushes that help collect garbage. But for gadgets without a brush, the quality of cleaning will be noticeably worse. The second model is a robot polisher, it is needed only for wet cleaning. Such a baby is able to wash even stubborn dirt and greasy stains. The polishers have special napkins that are attached to the vibrating surface of the robot, and the function of metered spraying water or cleaning products. It can be used to clean any hard flooring. The third option is a robot vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function. Such a gadget can perform the functions of the two previous models, but with less efficiency. The robot wipes the floor with a cloth dampened in water.

The classic robotic vacuum cleaner is ideal for dry cleaning in the house. True, if your plans are for general cleaning, then it is better to buy two separate devices.

Maximum cleaning

To determine what a robot vacuum cleaner is capable of, it is enough to turn the device upside down (more precisely, with wheels). In the center of the vacuum cleaner, you will see a hole in the dust collector through which debris enters the tank. The most practical models are equipped with one or two main turbo brushes to collect the smallest debris, hair and wool from carpets and other surfaces.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner The working surface of the Panda robot vacuum cleaner – there is no brush for collecting garbage (the location area is highlighted in red dotted line) © Press Service

A robot vacuum cleaner without brushes (picture above) will not be able to pick up heavy debris and will be useless on the carpet. The cleaning result for vacuum cleaners with one and two brushes is fundamentally different. On the carpet, the difference reaches 40%.

For cleaning sand and large debris on rough surfaces, a single-brush robot vacuum cleaner is also ineffective (figure below).

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner The working surface of the Miele robot vacuum cleaner – one brush for collecting garbage (the area where the brush is located is highlighted in red dotted line) © Press Service

The principle of operation of two brushes is patented by the American company iRobot and consists in the fact that the brushes move one towards the other, lifting and grabbing all the debris from the surface and throwing it up into the vacuum cleaner tank (figure below).

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner Work surface of the robot vacuum cleaner IRobot (2 brushes) © Press Service

Side brushes are usually located in front of the robot cleaner. These auxiliary tools are designed for cleaning in inaccessible places: in corners, along walls and furniture. They grab the garbage and direct it to the turbo brushes, which then throw all the garbage into the tank.

In Ukraine, one of the best layout options for robotic vacuum cleaners offers the American brand iRobot. A system of two turbo brushes is used in all models, from the budget one (with one fleecy brush and a rubber roller) to the top models with two rubber rollers. Rubber rollers simplify the maintenance of the robot vacuum cleaner: the hair and hair of animals are not tangled, and the rollers themselves are easy to clean. Due to iRobot's patent for the design of their brushes, competitors cannot offer similar options to their customers.

In addition, only iRobot has a Dirt Detect system for recognizing contaminated areas: when the vacuum cleaner gets on particularly dirty areas of the floor, it passes through this place several times for more thorough cleaning.

Consider the quality of the wheels: large and moving chassis options will help the vacuum cleaner overcome the most difficult obstacles. As practice shows, the most effective gadgets can pass obstacles up to 2 cm high.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner © Press Service


There is an opinion that the robot that “draws the map” is the most technologically advanced. However, the main purpose of the robot cleaner is to clean the house. Navigation, of course, is important, but for small apartments (40-55 sq. M.) This function is not always useful and there is no point in overpaying for it. To work without a camera, the robot vacuum cleaner uses a set of sensors and sensors that help you navigate in space, avoid obstacles and clean the room.

Navigation (the presence of a camera or a laser rangefinder) is necessary in apartments from 60 sq. M. m or for houses with several floors where the vacuum cleaner needs to remember several different cards. Also, navigation is useful in that the vacuum cleaner can be sent for cleaning in a particular room. The most effective and advanced navigation tool remains optical sensors, which process and analyze all information about the room and create its visual map.

IRobot models are equipped with vSLAM and iAdapt smart navigation technologies, which allow this brand's robotic vacuum cleaners to orient themselves in space and clean rooms as efficiently as possible.

Power and autonomy

Manufacturers, as a rule, indicate data on the area of ​​the room for which their robotic vacuum cleaners are designed. The more obstacles are in the house – the more distance he will overcome, so it is better to choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a margin in its characteristics.

Additional functions

For most models of robotic vacuum cleaners, there are applications for smartphones with different functions, from simple on / off, to integration with voice control and settings of various cleaning parameters, designating rooms on the map and setting restricted areas where the robot should not enter.

In the application, you can see a report on each cleaning and check the efficiency of the robot vacuum cleaner. Not to mention the more common features like setting the time and frequency of cleaning.

There are robotic vacuum cleaners with automatic waste disposal systems, designed for several months of cleaning.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner © Press Service


When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to rely not only on the brand, price and declared characteristics, but also independently check the technical data: the layout of the work surface and all elements.

Do not forget to decide on what type of surface and cleaning options you need a robot vacuum cleaner. It is also important to evaluate apartments or houses and compare with the power of the device.

Thanks to patented technologies and unique features that other manufacturers cannot offer, iRobot offers models in different price segments that will provide the highest quality and high-tech cleaning of your home.

Now you know everything and even more about what you need to choose a robot vacuum cleaner. It remains only to choose the right model and enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

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