Image of the day: Princess Monaco Charlene in the skirt of the Ukrainian brand

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Princess Monaco Charlene is considered one of the most stylish royals in the world, and her images inspire thousands of women. For a recent release, she chose a skirt from the Ukrainian brand Valery Kovalska. The first lady of Monaco appeared in front of the lenses of photographers in a long skirt in gray and white stripes, a simple white shirt and brown boats. Brand designer Valeria Kovalskaya has already managed to share a picture of the princess on her Instagram page.

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Stamp Royal stamp of approval💎: Princess of Monaco Charlene wearing our maxi skirt, which marks her second appearance in @valerykovalska pieces! #VALERYKOVALSKA

A post shared by VALERY KŌVALSKA (@valerykovalska) on Sep 17, 2019 at 7:32 am PDT

Royal endorsement. Princess Monaco Charlene put on our maxi-skirt, – signed the photo designer.

Brand Valery Kovalska is popular with foreign celebrities. Earlier in the outfits of the Ukrainian brand, singer Cardi Bee appeared, mother of billionaire Ilon Mask May and daughter Beyonce and Jay Blue Ivy.

The world's first ladies are a true role model. About how to dress in the fall, read in the material TOP-10 autumn images of the world's first ladies.


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