Image of the day: Kim Kardashian in the most trendy dress for the upcoming season

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Kim Kardashian has never been overly modest. Remember her first appearance on the pages of newspapers – everyone just did that they trumpeted about a sex video that accidentally (or by the hands of a smart manager in the person of Kim’s mother herself) got on the Internet. In those days, Kim was very far from the title of style icon, but now much has changed.

Beautiful, smart (went to study as a lawyer!), An exemplary wife and a good mother – these are the words Kim Kardashian can describe. Although they still subscribe to it only because of perfect photos of her ass (how many specialists worked on her!) And her face (not for nothing Kim is the selfie queen).

Kim recently celebrated a new number – 146 million followers on Instagram. It is difficult to imagine how hard it is for a girl to look out for enemies and former Kanye girls in viewing stories (and does Kim do such stupid things at all?). Despite the fact that the media has reported that the Kardashians have turned over 40% of subscribers, Kim does not get tired of getting multi-million dollar contracts with major brands. Well, to remind that better than her on Instagram no one was found.

Under the last post on social networks, Kim Kardashian thanks all those who are subscribed to her and are interested in what kind of content her audience is waiting for. But we were attracted not by a new stage in the popularity of Kardashian, but by her image.

You already know that Kim can easily predict trends, so you can trust her without any doubt. It's time to prepare for the new season and buy things for the fall. Before shopping, be sure to go to the Instagram of proven trendsetters, and Kim is one of them.

In fresh photos, the girl poses in a maxi-length dress, with an asymmetric cut and open shoulders. And yes, this is a velor dress, which means that all the velor items that you bought in such a distant 2016 can still be useful for very fashion events!

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Here’s to 146 million! Thanks guys !!!! What type of content do you like best? Selfies? Family pics? I’m curious

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Aug 13, 2019 at 2:02 pm PDT

Complement the look with fashionable sunglasses and be sure to post everything on Instagram. What if you have 146 million?

Look at Kim Kardashian in leather total-black, because this is also one of the most fashionable trends in autumn 2019.


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