I'm sick of everything: 5 ways to look at your life from a different angle

I'm sick of everything: 5 ways to look at your life from a different angle © depositphotos.com

You can live an absolutely normal life: work in the usual team, go to the supermarket for delicious food and wine twice a week, send standard messages to the guy in the morning and often see friends. But in one of these meetings, find yourself in a rather strange occupation – whining about how you got tired of everything that used to seem familiar.

In fact, we are all faced with crisis situations. Believe me, the monotonous repetition of the same action (or set of actions) has not yet brought true pleasure to any of us. But there are 5 sure ways to make yourself fall in love with life anew, without quitting and not disagreeing with a guy (yes, this seems to you the simplest solution). For this, only a few minor adjustments should be made.

5 ways to look at your life from a different angle

Say thank you

No, we will not teach you courtesy, parents should have dealt with this task. Just let’s remind once again that sometimes it’s worth giving thanks to the Universe / God / stars / yourself (underline the necessary option). You may not realize how happy you are until you become truly thankful for what you have right now. And for the brand new Mazda and tickets to Paris we’ll still earn some money, really!

Less conviction / discussion

Instead of once again finding strange reasons that your friend flew to Bali again (and the reasons are always not honest work) – do better quality of your life. If you direct your energy with which you so eagerly discuss other people into the right direction, it turns out that your life is not so bad (you will not compare yourself with others anymore).

Good motivation

Most often, your “tiredness from life” is connected with the fact that you don’t understand what you are dreaming about and where you are moving. Set yourself a clear goal and go to something specific. When the first dreams begin to come true, then life will quickly gain new colors.

Do not be too demanding of yourself

Perhaps at your age, Britney Spears was a glossy star and a very successful woman, and her earnings were bordered by amounts that are difficult to pronounce by ear, but you are not her. Allow yourself to be less demanding of yourself and do not expect incredible surprises from life.

Learn to enjoy simple things

Cook your favorite breakfast, take a one-day weekend at work and watch from the window for those who have to go to work while you watch your favorite TV show under the covers. In general, do what makes you a little happier at least for a moment.

Remember that there are no only black and white stripes. Even in the worst day / month / period you can find something that will make you smile as wide as possible.

Earlier we talked about how to stop regretting what you did a long time ago.


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