Ideal people: 5 individual things that should not be compared with others

Ideal people: 5 individual things that should not be compared with others ©

In the new singles of popular artists, in classical literature, in the five-volume world-famous psychologists – everywhere there are issues of self-positioning and the reaction of people to what is happening around. We compare the facts of our lives and always equal the best (outgrowing teenage problems, because as a teenager we more often appeal to those who are worse than us).

One way or another, and more and more things that surround us, do not give us a sober assessment of what is happening around. Blame it on the accounts licked up to the ideal in social networks, where the only problem for a person is to add a friend's kitten somewhere. Oh, and the films of American film companies, which only after 2005 began to say that there are not only ideal people in the world (yes, we are about Rebel Wilson, who would not have been given the main role in a romantic comedy in 1994, for example) .

But what really could undermine your faith in yourself and what is better not to pay attention?

5 things you shouldn't pay attention to


Look at Vanya and Marina is not love, but an idyll. They post funny stories about trips to Spain or the supermarket, forever congratulate each other on holidays with awesomely expensive gifts and devote poems or prose in huge posts under photos.

Let us reveal the secret: you and the guy can also be ideal for everyone around if you stop talking about your problems and download some successful filter applications. No one guarantees that everything is very healthy with them. And even if so – take care of your relationship. This will be more confusing.


You, poor thing, you plowed in from the school bench to get a job, and your classmate just got at the right time at the right place? This is her way. She will also learn, fail, fall under the hot hand of the head and work until the night. Just her way began a little later.

You can always blame everyone around for success or complain about their fortune. And you can just make the perfect resume and pull up the languages ​​to finally get to a really cool place. Try it.


Okay, many popular people have repeatedly turned to plastic surgeons, and this is normal. But to condemn someone for being veiled or to envy is stupid and irrational. I don’t like my face – save for cool procedures (not necessarily plastic, for a start you can be a good cosmetologist), if you don’t like the figure – lose weight. Many people limit themselves to eating their whole lives just because they want to smile, looking in the mirror. Think about it.

Ideal people: 5 individual things that should not be compared with others Ideal people: 5 individual things that should not be compared with others ©


Whatever it was, but this is completely in your hands. We do not pass each other IQ tests when we meet, but we also feel significant gaps in the interlocutor’s knowledge immediately. Find a topic from which your eyes are burning and begin to study it as a serious science, if you often feel that you do not feel enough for the interlocutor. In the end, do anything, just never pretend to be smarter than it actually is.


You can be sad all your life just because Whitney Houston sang in the voice of an angel, and you called blood from the ears of those who came to you in karaoke. And you can try yourself in something else without suffering due to lack of talent. In fact, you can try all your life to reach the level of the best tenors and never discover a million other talents.

When we try to focus on other people's achievements, we lose ourselves. Jealous of your school friend, university competitor, colleague, Van and Marina from the 19th floor, beauties from Instagram – you just forget about what is really valuable and important to you. Would you love Vanya? Would you be able to work two jobs, like Marina? Would you sing in the wildest competition world? Could you not spoil the perfect figure without visiting the doctor every month?

Ask yourself the right questions and do not compare yourself with those whose landmarks are far from yours. And, of course, do not lead to the stories that there are some ideal people.

Recently, we talked about 4 phrases that can not be said to a man. Look for details on the link.


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