Ideal buttocks: 4 components on the way to the coveted forms

How to get perfect buttocks © Lera Korzh

The idea of ​​the perfect shape of the female buttocks is so different, like the physique of each girl. Such a desirable golden proportion depends not only on weight and height, but also on genetics. Co-founder of the online school of healthy body AVQ Fitness and fitness trainer Lera Korzh talked about the 4 main components on the way to the coveted forms of the buttocks.

Proportionality is the main goal of a healthy and beautiful body. If you are a miniature girl by nature, you should not try your best to build muscle in the buttocks area. Love your reflection in the mirror = work on the harmony of your forms! says Lera Korzh.

How to get perfect buttocks How to get perfect buttocks © Lera Korzh

Beautiful tight buttocks without cellulite are an absolute reality and it consists of 4 components. The symbiosis of nutrition, sports, procedures and care products will give the desired result.

Food. Do not gain weight due to harmful high-calorie foods. It only makes the skin loose and leaves deposits in the “ears” zone. Only a healthy diet will help to gain quality mass, and with the help of training to hone the desired shape. Sport. Do not disappear in a gym with heavy bars, but concentrate on high-quality workouts. Two sessions a week for 35 minutes with fitness elastic bands and your weight will be enough to pump your gluteal muscles and after a month to experience a visible result. Procedures. Despite physical exertion, problem areas such as the inner thigh, the area above the knees, and the “ears / breeches” can be worked out with massages (manual or LPG). This makes it possible to enhance microcirculation and remove excess water. Facilities. We remove “sagging” skin and keratinized particles of the epithelium using scrubs based on grape or apricot kernels. A wrap and cream will help improve skin tone and make it supple and smooth.

Remember, the strongest motivation is to see the first results. Then work on yourself will cease to be seasonal torture of the body, and will turn into a constant love for your beautiful body.

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