I don't drink anymore: 5 reasons for your hangover

I don't drink anymore: 5 reasons for your hangover © depositphotos.com

Despite the fact that we are constantly trying to control ourselves and resist the desire to overturn an extra glass of good wine, sooner or later we are called to the next party.

A good alcohol and cool company can talk you, and the promise to go home early will only turn into a promise. A glass, a second, a taxi, and in the morning a head bursting from a nagging hangover.

It turns out that it's not just how much you drank. The reason for the hangover, which you could get rid of in a matter of hours, can be completely unexpected. We have collected 5 reasons for a hangover and will tell you how to protect yourself from the serious consequences of knowing that you can drink in the evening so as not to suffer in the morning.

5 reasons for your hangover

Age. Let's start with the main enemy of your favorite parties in the bar – this is age. You should not be surprised that it suddenly became much more difficult for you to endure all these drunk aperoli. Your body will not always function as a watch. Dehydration. Dehydrated body is not able to deal with such a difficult thing as a hangover. Try to drink a glass of water for each glass of alcohol during the party and you will be happy. Food. You might be surprised, but in some ways your mother was right when she sent you to prom. The less you eat in the evening (yes, even late in the evening), the worse you will be in the morning. Medication. If you are taking any medications (not necessarily incompatible with alcohol, as contraceptives, for example), then your worsened condition may depend on this combination. Carefully read the instructions and consult a doctor. And be careful, if before you started drinking, you felt unwell. Pain in the head, for example, can only intensify, and by morning it can even develop into a migraine. The drinks. Any "painted" drinks (whiskey, rum, brandy) – this is a direct path to a hangover. Not only because there are a few more ingredients in their composition, but also because they are often drunk with sweet carbonated drinks, and sugar is the best friend of a hangover.

Try to remember these simple rules if you are tired of being hung over. Believe me, parties can be much nicer if you know how to have fun.

In order to suffer from a hangover a little less, never sit down at a table with the most drinking signs of the zodiac.


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