How wrong shoes can ruin an image

Nowadays, many girls do not particularly focus on shoes in the image. And very in vain. Wrong shoes like this can not only ruin the image, but also make your figure visually disproportionate. More often than women, this occurs in men. No need to take an example from them. After all, girls are ladies. Consider a few mistakes made when choosing shoes.

Old fashioned shoes

Set aside shoes that are no longer relevant. Pick only the one that suits your style. It can be white classic sneakers, mules, ankle boots, but not wedge sneakers or platform shoes. Such models are definitely out of fashion for a long time.

High sneakers photo 15

Unsuitable shoes

A typical example of a mismatch is an office suit and flip flops. So no one will naturally walk. Closed shoes are suitable for the office look. For example, boats in nude tones or sneakers. But it will still be better than heeled sandals. On the street you can wear sandals, mules or clogs. They are comfortable enough and will not load the leg.

Printed shoes

Carefully combine print shoes with your look. For example, a dress with peas and a striped print on shoes goes well. The main thing is that the drawings fit together. You should not combine too varied prints. It will look out of place and defiant.

Too short clothes

Sneakers, loafers, slip-on sneakers and other flat shoes work well with a miniskirt or mini-shorts. Don’t wear high open boots or high-heeled sandals. They will make the image inharmonious and ridiculous.


Always focus on something. For example, on shoes. If it has an unusual print, then it is worth combining such a model with a more restrained design. Otherwise, your image will be overloaded. Or vice versa, you should wear calmer shoes to a more vibrant look.

Take your shoes seriously. Do not forget about its importance when creating a stylish image. Incorrectly selected shoes have a significant impact on the image as a whole. Combine all the elements in style and color palette. Do not forget and be sure to consider the above errors. Then it will be easier for you to choose shoes so as not to look ridiculous.

If at any point you find your favorite shoes, do not be discouraged. Most likely the time has come for a change. Get to know yourself in a new way, don't be afraid of experiments.

Do you know how to choose the right shoes for your image? Write in the comments which shoes you prefer: stylish or comfortable.

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