How to wear walnut: 12 stylish ideas for sophisticated natures

Walnut color is one of the varieties of brown. Very often women use it in clothes. It is especially relevant for winter. It can be either additional or basic. What to wear it with? Read on in the article.

Different shades of walnut. What colors to combine with?

A combination of walnut with beige or white will be a very sophisticated duet. It is best suited for creating a business look. For a spectacular look, you just have to play with the texture of the fabrics and their shades. An impressive look with a satin blouse.

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Perfectly harmonize all shades of brown with turquoise. With such colors you are provided with an easy, fresh and romantic look. If you have coral or turquoise items in your wardrobe, then do not rush to put them on a distant shelf in the cold season. Under them you can always pick up warm outerwear, such as a nut coat.

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Image in one color

It is not necessary to choose completely different colors. Things look great in the same tans. Walnut and other shades of brown form the perfect bow. The so-called total bow has always been popular, and today it is also in trend. Why not use nutty tones?

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Often it looks boring and depressing if used incorrectly. Monotony is what makes him so. Try to dilute the image of a different image with prints, for example, “plaid”. Your appearance will make you feel warm and comfortable.

Beige coat 2020 photo 7 beautiful to tie a coat photo 11

Harmonious green

Walnut and green will present you in a winning light. The mood, as a rule, determines the latter. The color of the foliage brings a certain calm and complete harmony to the image. When choosing an emerald, you will look just great. Such an outfit of restrained flowers allows you to go at least to a party, even to a business meeting.

Autumn colors

Autumn is not a time of blues and boredom, but autumn colors are simply gorgeous: yellow, gold, red, orange. This range of colors is elegantly combined with walnut flowers.

Beige coat 2020 photo 2@

Paired with black

Classic black fits almost any other color. In combination with walnut it looks quite elegant. Leopard color will add notes of sexuality. Do not be afraid to use it in an image.

What to wear walnut photo 6 coat 2020 photo 11

On a note

Walnut color is relevant at any time of the year. It is only important to find things in harmony with it. To be in the spotlight and to shine with beauty is the dream of every girl. Towards Change!

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