How to wear pants with a t-shirt: 6 modern looks

Sometimes you want to create an image in the style of casual, but with a taste of femininity and elegance. In this case, the ideal solution would be to contact the trousers with a T-shirt. Trousers with a T-shirt will help you to make not only a bow for every day, but even for an evening out or a business meeting. And today we will tell you how to properly wear these two items of clothing to look stylish and modern.

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Pants with a t-shirt: collect a trendy set

Pants with a T-shirt you can wear for a walk with friends. In this case, it is enough to spice up the image with sneakers, sneakers and a backpack. Pants are desirable if there are skinny or free cut, and T-shirts are better to use monochrome. However, you can always make your bow even more impudent, in this case the top can be printed, and season it with a plaid shirt enough.

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Also try to wear straight, classic trousers that look perfect with shoes or sandals. Such a decision will suit both slim and more magnificent lady. Use here a solid top or with an unobtrusive pattern.

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A jacket, a blazer, a jacket or a summer bomber jacket are suitable as outerwear. Do not forget about accessories. In the fashion at the moment, small models of handbags and clutches, as well as belt options. We recommend them to be used in pairs with pants and a T-shirt. Also look at stylish hats – wide-brimmed hats, bowlers and fedoras.

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We advise you to try a combination of fashionable culottes and t-shirts. In this case, you get the perfect image for everyday life or walking with friends. Onions can be well seasoned with sandals, tennis sneakers, clogs or mules.

As you yourself have noticed, pants with a T-shirt will look very nice on a woman of any age, regardless of its configuration. The main thing is to choose the winning additions to the presented items of clothing.

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And which image did you like best? Looking forward to your comments!

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