How to wear jeans in spring: 30 cool solutions

Jeans are one of the favorite things in the wardrobe of many women. Their practicality and versatility allows ladies to create daily bows for any event. A stylish jeans model can make the image bold, elegant, youthful or romantic – it all depends on the part to be combined. This spring, without a pair of trendy jeans just can not do. Therefore, we suggest in our material to see which outfits will be the most relevant and attractive.

Fashion trends

This spring, fashion designers advise women to choose simpler jeans. It is necessary to exclude various types of decor in the form of rhinestones, rivets, torn parts, models with a low waist and a skinny.

For a stylish look, you can choose such jeans options as mom, bananas, boyfriends, shortened. At the same time, various details may be present in the models, for example, fringe or scuff.

For spring onions, jeans are combined with almost any outerwear from a classic coat to a youth bomber jacket. From shoes you can also choose a more comfortable option or a high heel.

What to wear with boyfriends in spring

Jeans model – many ladies fell in love with many ladies due to the convenience and versatility of clothing. To create a specific image, choose cropped jeans, with scuffs or simply tuck the edges of long models.

In the spring, fashionable boyfriends can be combined with various sweatshirts, cardigans of any length or stylish jackets. A classic coat also looks harmonious and elegant. Biker jacket is suitable for everyday stylish look.

From shoes, boyfriends can be combined with both sneakers and feminine boats. A casual combination of comfortable jeans with an elegant jacket and stylish sneakers predominates.

Bananas – what to combine with in the spring

For a bright and daily look, you can pick up comfortable and very stylish banana jeans. The jeans model goes well with the top of various bright prints or plain colors. You can complement the spring look with bananas with an oversized sweater, knitted cardigan or cardigan.

Fashion designers recommend when choosing jeans style bananas to focus on shades. If the jeans are dark, then the top should be light and vice versa.

Elegantly, banana jeans in the spring look with various sweatshirts and turtlenecks. Upstairs you should choose a cropped jacket, coat or bomber jacket.

For the model jeans choose ankle boots, sneakers, boats and boots on a rough platform.

Mohm – spring combination rules

Mom jeans are comfortable and stylish. The model is perfect for a casual look. You can combine takuy style with delicate blouses and sports elements. For a trendy look, women choose mom jeans and cropped pullovers or stylish sweatshirts.

In spring, jeans of this style are combined with an elongated jacket, a jacket of a free cut, a classic coat, a jacket and other fashionable options. Women liked the mom jeans just the same because of their versatility and practicality.

How To Wear Cropped Jeans In Spring

A cropped jeans model is made in any style. Women, if desired, can make a fashionable option themselves, just tuck the edges of their jeans. The elegance of the model lies in the fact that a woman opens her ankle, thereby exposing a small part of slender legs.

Like other jeans models, a shortened style can be combined with any top, while the color scheme also depends on the taste of the woman. The only thing worth paying attention to is shoes. Stylists recommend the following combinations of trendy cropped jeans with spring shoes:

Shorter length jeans are in perfect harmony with flat shoes – suitable for a work bow; A high heel and cropped jeans are ideal for a business style; Cropped jeans and comfortable athletic shoes are a sporty choice.

Jeans are the easiest thing to combine with other wardrobe items. This spring, for a stylish look, you can choose several styles of jeans and combine them with familiar and comfortable clothes. Onions can be collected for a regular walk with friends, and for the official evening.

And with what you combine jeans in the spring? Tell us about it in the comments!

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