How to wear a skirt in spring: 25 unique examples

Surprisingly early this year came warm spring days. Over the winter, we are tired of trousers, jeans and warm leggings. More and more girls are changing their wardrobe for a lighter, spring. Skirts of various styles become an indispensable attribute.

Designers recommend using the most incredible combination of colors and prints. Bright skirts and t-shirts form the basis of spring trends.

The main rule of this season is personality. Do not copy images of celebrities and models from the covers of fashion magazines. This spring, you have the right to create and create your own, unique images with skirts.

Skirt with a jacket

Fashionable jackets this season go well with midi-length skirts. In warm weather, you can wear a white top, a T-shirt or a light blouse under a jacket. In the cool – turtleneck or sweatshirt of thin cashmere.

Plaid skirt photo 7

It will give the image of femininity a contrasting belt over the jacket and a handbag in tone. Choose shoes according to style. Most likely, these should be low-heeled ankle boots or stylish loafers.

Sweater skirt

A loose-cut skirt looks chic with a wide sweater or blouse with a long sleeve. The weather in spring is changeable, so the length to the middle of the thigh and to the knees will be just right. skirts spring-summer 2020: photo 5

Choose comfortable shoes with flat soles or small heels. Most of the fashion houses presented images in their collections, complemented by stylish sneakers on grooved soles.

T-shirt skirt

For particularly warm days, such an ideal combination as a maxi skirt, white t-shirt and your favorite snow-white sneakers will do. Skirts have long been part of the sports image and look great in just such a combination.

If you are a fan of an extraordinary style, love variety and just can not stand the monotony, bright T-shirts with stylish prints this spring will be most welcome.

Skirt with print photo 9 with photo print 12

On top of the style are bright tops and T-shirts. For completeness, use bright shoelaces of the corresponding color. Neon shades that glow in the dark are an undeniable trend.

Skirt with a blouse or shirt

Business style requires women to be strict in everything. A pencil skirt, blouse or shirt – all strictly according to the dress code. To such a dress you can afford stilettos or non-heeled ankle boots.

In cool weather, bring a jacket or cardigan with a matching color scheme to the skirt. Ideal this spring will be an outfit in beige, burgundy and navy blue.

For everyday wear, if the dress code does not contradict this, get a plaid shirt or a bright yellow blouse. It is yellow that marks the arrival of the sun in our lives.

Skirt with sneakers or sneakers

The real hit this spring is a pleated skirt with a loose t-shirt. This outfit is combined exclusively with sneakers.

  what to wear with a pleated skirt photo 13

Modern fashion loves convenience and comfort, that's why sneakers are tightly included in the basis of most stylish looks. Short, long, various styles of skirts look great in combination with sports shoes on a platform or flat sole.

fashionable summer images with floral print photo 13

A pea skirt and striped sneakers – seemingly completely incompatible prints – look together incredibly. T-shirt or shirt in this case should be more neutral colors. By no means a flower!

Skirt with print photo 11

25 ideas on how to wear a skirt in spring

There are a lot of styles of skirts this spring. For each image, you can choose several models. Having a pair of skirts and two or three blouses in the wardrobe, you can create a new look by combining them in different ways.

And what do you wear a skirt with in spring? Share with us in the comments the details of your spring look.

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