How to wear a black sweater to look cool: 20+ ideas in a piggy bank!

A black sweater is a practical and versatile thing that goes with almost any other wardrobe item. And indeed it is. It can be used for evening, business style and everyday wear.

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Models and Varieties

On top of the fashion are voluminous sweaters. On the one hand, this one looks a bit casually, informally, but freely and comfortably. The cut can be straight and asymmetrical. Regardless, it is successfully combined with trousers, jeans and even skirts. Adherents of feminine images should pay attention to a sweater with embroidery or rhinestones.

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Especially popular is an elongated sweater. It can be up to the thigh or even almost to the knee. A long tight-fitting sweater resembles a small black dress and gives the image of a woman fragility and sophistication. Elegantly, this model looks with high-heeled shoes or boots. Stylish accessories will dilute the look.

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Those who live constant experiments can be advised a short asymmetric model, also popular this season. An equally important element is the type of gate: from a classic duct to a V-shaped neckline.

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Today, sweaters called “shaggy”, that is, models from mohair or angora, are in trend. Most often, such sweaters are plain, but there are also different shades.

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Drawings and prints

A black sweater is a fairly self-contained wardrobe item. Sometimes you want more colors; dilute monotony. Various kinds of decor and prints come to the rescue. Like no other, a black sweater is combined with any decorative elements.

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Originality and originality

If in some sweaters everything is banal simple, then for the decoration of others they use suede and leather. Materials can be monophonic in relation to the model itself or have a contrasting shade.

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What to wear?

Many people find the sweater boring. But in vain. He is capable of creating the most beautiful and unusual bows. A truly classic combination is a black sweater and pencil skirt. A jacket or jacket of a contrasting color, as well as a stylish clutch and high heels, will refresh the look. Perhaps, a combination of a black sweater and leather trousers or a skirt will always be in trend.

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For everyday wear, blue or blue jeans are suitable for a black sweater. They create an informal image and are very practical in life.

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Evening look

To create a romantic look, you can choose a skirt in silver or golden color. Quite a spectacular look, you just need to add elegant high-heeled shoes.

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As you now understand, a black sweater can not only become a real salvation, but also create an unsurpassed image.

Experiment with a wardrobe and select the best bow for yourself!

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