How to Stay Happy Autumn: Tips That Work

How to Stay Happy Autumn: Tips That Work ©

Autumn is the saddest and most depressing period of the year. The seasons change, with the summer the last rays of the sun go away, heat and a long day. Now you have to return from work in the dark, wrap yourself in a woolen coat and fight the first signs of apathy. Autumn spleen comes as quietly as summer passes.

In order to stay happy in the fall and not spoil the whole mood – read our recommendations! Believe me, autumn can still be your favorite season!

How to stay happy in the fall

Many experts (psychologists, therapists, motivational speakers) agree in one opinion – happy is the one who allows himself to go beyond the usual behavior and allows himself a little more than usual – to let go of the rules.

So this fall we will take a course for happiness, smiles and declare a battle with spleen and bad mood!

No wonder they say that happiness is in simple things. A different view of what is happening around will help you understand how to be happy, and we will tell you how to train this same look.

Have a rest day

In order not to succumb to the autumn depression, take a day off and have fun as you should, raking up all your business or doing absolutely nothing. This will help you reboot and relax, and will also cheer you up.

Be in the fresh air more often

Autumn is not always rainy, windy and cloudy. In those days when the weather is nice, more often be outdoors: jogging, meeting with a girlfriend in the park or walking after work are the most faithful companions for those who want to be happy.

Go to the beautician

The fact that summer does not pass without a trace is visible not only in the weather, but also in the face. Not for nothing, most of the procedures are advised to be done in the cool season, after three months of active sun and any contamination of pores with cosmetics. A clean face will let go of all other worries (at least temporarily).

Come up with a new plan

Following a new plan is always more interesting and more productive than just existing. Therefore, we announce September as a new era in your life and offer you to pick up a car, dream of Santorini and Cappadocia, get a new job – in general, do everything that does not allow you to be happy this fall. A visualization board and a few dollar bills will help get rid of the autumn blues.

Go on a date

You won’t need to be bored if you are busy dating, choosing outfits and studying topics for talking with a guy. We are sure that love is the best cure for literally everything, you just have to check.

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