How to sit on the twine: tips and exercises

How to Sit on the Twine: Tips and Exercises ©

You have already grown up from school age, and your dream to sit on the twine is still not realized? No problem! Read the tips on, be patient and enthusiastic, regularly perform these exercises, and your dream will be achieved in a few weeks!


Twine exercises: doing stretching (video)

Even if you think that you have insufficient flexibility and weak stretching, the desire to sit on the twine is quite achievable. Do not try to overcome this step in a hurry and quickly – you run the risk of getting serious injury and completely repulse the desire to study further.

The only sure way to sit on the twine is to do your stretching, gradually increasing time and complicating tasks.

It should be done regularly, every day, for 30-60 minutes, 1-2 times a day. Do not force things if you feel severe discomfort or pain. Do not load the muscles after training so that they have time to recover.

How to sit on the twine: preparatory stages

You can not perform exercises with a full stomach. It is unhealthy, and your body will not accept such activities with enthusiasm. Therefore, you need to eat no later than 2 hours before training. Take a contrast shower 10-15 minutes before the start of classes, alternating cold and hot water. This will help you relax your muscles. Choose the right pleasant music for classes that will set you up for the right working mood, and help your muscles relax. When doing exercises on the floor, use a karemat or a special fitness mat, the coating of which does not slip, and therefore will allow you to perform physical exercises conveniently and safely. Before proceeding directly to the physical exercises that will help you to sit on the twine, be sure to do a warm-up for 10-20 minutes. Warming up will help you warm up your muscles, prepare your joints and ligaments for the upcoming load, and the classes themselves will be much easier.


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How to sit on the twine: warm-up

Warm up includes several exercises. It can be jogging, jumping on the spot, jumping rope exercises, squats, bending, swinging legs, etc. The main thing is to cheer up, wake up, if you were still asleep, warm up your body and perk up your spirits.

How to sit on the twine: exercise number 1

Sit on the floor, spread your straight legs to the sides as wide as possible. In turn, lean towards the right leg, in the center and to the left leg, trying to stretch as much as possible, within 30-60 seconds.

How to sit on the twine: exercise number 2

Sit on the floor, stretch your legs folded together, pull your socks forward. Try to reach your toes alternately for 30-60 seconds.

How to sit on the twine: exercise number 3

Get straight, feet together. Lean forward and down, trying to touch your feet with your hands, while not bending your legs. Hold in this position for 30-60 seconds.

How to sit on the twine: exercise number 4

Become one foot on your knee, with your fingertips rest on the floor, and stretch your other leg forward. Hold in this position for 30-60 seconds. Then swap your legs.

How to sit on the twine: exercise number 5

Pull one leg forward and the other back, resting on the floor with your fingertips. Try to slowly and carefully sit on the twine to a state of discomfort. Hold in this position for 30-60 seconds. Then swap your legs.

And earlier, scientists gave advice when and what kind of sport is worth doing.


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