How to learn to convince everyone that they are right

How to learn to convince everyone that you are right ©

To prove one’s case and to become one of the most influential people in your social circle is a useful and invaluable skill. First, you become much more confident if your opinion is heeded. Secondly, it becomes much easier for you to move up the career ladder.

To learn how to convince your friends / colleagues / haters on Facebook, you need to follow simple rules that will help develop the skills of pulling the rope to your side. Believe me, this skill will be useful to you both in communication with customers at work, and in relationships, and when trying to return to the store is not enough. crispy cucumbers (still like only crunchy?).

We have collected some tips that will bring you closer to success. Read and start practicing now.

Read books

Many books tell you about the experiences of other people who have experienced certain situations. Of course, the absolute expert in making a million, after reading the business history, you will not. But to stop someone from impulsively investing all the savings into opening an absolutely unprofitable business is easy.

Analyze everything that you read and draw conclusions that can serve as a strong argument for reinforcing your thoughts. After all, it is much more convincing to give an example than just to repeat it louder "I think so, but I am not wrong."

Watch what is happening around

The world is changing and progressing so quickly that it seems as if to have time to understand it is an impossible mission. In fact, you can process a million news from different fields of activity of a modern person in just one evening. To do this, it is necessary not only to read the social network, but also to allocate time for real news. Then you will find out that:

you don’t have to give your son to IT people (after all, the Israeli historian Harari believes that this profession will soon cease to be so profitable); milk is really not the most useful product; The most sold products in the world are not water and bread, but coffee and oil.

Watching the news, learning more and more new, you will be able to back up your opinion with clear arguments that will be hard to resist. Everyone will have to accept and acknowledge your rightness, because you will learn to think critically.


Appreciate someone else's opinion (well, or allow it to exist)

Of course, we believe that your opinion is always correct. But the ability to reckon with others and admit defeats in discussions is another reason why they will want to listen to you next time.

Watch the debate

If you want to master the art of persuasion – you should watch the debate (American is better). Behind how politicians behave, between which debates pass, there is a whole team of professionals. This means that the majority of presidential candidates is a classical model of behavior prescribed by psychologists and confident in their words and thoughts. Their gestures, manner of speaking and even posture can serve as an excellent living tool in the art of persuading.

The ability to defend their point of view and convince everyone that they are right is priceless. Start pumping your abilities right now and you will see that life will become much easier.

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