How to create the perfect evening look? Professional Tips

How to create a harmonious solemn image – many women are faced with this question. To do this, you need to buy a fashionable evening dress, think over makeup, jewelry and accessories. All the details should be combined correctly so that the bow becomes the center of attention of any important celebration. We propose to dwell on each composition in more detail.

Features of making a festive bow

Sale of evening dresses is a great opportunity to pamper yourself with exquisite novelties that can subsequently come up to various significant events, for example, a corporate party, the wedding of a best friend, the anniversary of parents and their own birthday. Fashionable wedding salon and famous stylists believe that in the wardrobe of every girl should be:

– classic little black dress;
– elongated elegant model in the floor;
– a bright outfit represented by a trendy shade of the season.

There is no need for dozens of formal toilets today. A basic set is enough, which can then be adjusted using the right combination of jewelry, hairstyles, shoes and make-up. Believe me, even the familiar look will sparkle with new bright colors and brilliance.

Stylists recommend adhering to these rules for compiling onions:

– consider the dress code of the celebration. The floor model is perfect for the black tie style, while cocktail variations emphasize an informal event;
– choose the right type and palette of makeup. Not all women share make-up into subspecies. We recommend choosing a tone for the color of the eyes. For example, green eyes are perfectly transformed with the help of a brown, copper, light purple palette, and brown – with beige, pink, gray, khaki;
– Be sure to take matting napkins, lipstick and powder with you to the party. Spoiled makeup will leave a lasting impression, therefore it is very important to periodically correct it;
– abandon the traditional perception that shoes and handbags should be the same gamut. Today, designers recommend adding brightness to the look, which allows you to make one of these components an accent of the image;
– Before you go on a holiday, we advise you to take a memorable picture. This method will allow you to see the whole picture. After him, you may want to correct or add something.

Creating a complete and harmonious image is not easy. Sometimes you need to turn to specialists for help, but on your own you can also turn into the queen of the evening.

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